Porsche 911: Honda K24 = Improved Reliability

Owner Seeks Cheap, Reliable Engine with Good Power

Replacing a Honda K-series motor in a Porsche would likely ruffle the feathers of devotees, nevertheless Tuning By Nick had another thought regarding his 997 generation 911 Carrera track car – and his assumption bore relatively noteworthy results.

Nick pointed out certain unreliability problems involving the first water-cooled Porsche 911 models. These cars encountered myriad issues, including IMS bearing malfunctions and cylinder scoring. The Honda K engine, reputed to be of the most reliable in the universe, provides him with a sense of assurance for using it as a track vehicle.

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Positioned behind the sleek lines of this Porsche 911 lies a 2.4-liter K24 engine, reputed to generate up to 435 wheel horsepower. It is outfitted with a G35 turbocharger – a rather restrained output, because given enough tuning and alteration, this powerhouse could potentially push far beyond one thousand horse-strength.

A further rational for Nick selecting the Honda motor is in terms of its monetary value. Unlike a wrecked Porsche locomotive, chances of developing issues on the track due to using this Honda engine are quite minimal. Thus, as far as utilizing the car for track racing goes, it is a clear gain for the driver as they can drive the vehicle with much greater assurance, knowing that the engine should be able to withstand considerable wear and tear.

Concerning the riding sensations, the 911 997 grants the power capacities anticipated from the motor without the persistent roar, vibration, and turbulence (NVH) commonly seen in other Honda K-swapped builds. To summarize, Nick warns that joining a Porsche frame with a highly esteemed Honda engine is comparable to savoring two premier worlds  at once.

On the beyond of the motor area, the vehicle looks mostly preserved to its original condition. It does accompany a lounge of Continental ExtremeContact Sport rubbers intended for competitive sport vehicles.

We understand that some may perceive this as unsavory, since the M96 exhibits a commendable level of performance although it does face certain troubles. Does the Honda K engine’s cost efficiency and dependability make it a feasible substitution for the Porsche flat-six? Provide us with your opinion by commenting on this piece below.

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