Porsche Boxster 986: Not Your Average Car

2002 Audi A6: Extracting 8-Cylinder Engine

Replacing the engine of an Audi into a Porsche can be feasible, as they are both founded on analogous technical fundamentals caused by their uniform association. Home Made By Jeff capitalizes on this possibility by utilizing an Audi V8 swap for his relatively uncared-for Boxster 986, which is the precursor of the current Porsche 718 Boxster.

The 4.2-liter 40-valve motor being discussed here is originally taken from a 2002 Audi A6 and has replaced the factory-standard 2.5-liter M96 flat-six engine that is rumored to have failed during a track event. This V8 provides an impressive 335 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque from the get go – making it more than one hundred ponies higher-powered than the Porsche power plant.

The Roxster Rips - Porsche 986 Boxster V8 engine swap track car build 32

While the extra power may aid in shaving off several seconds in lap times, the eight-cylinder engine necessitates an upgraded cooling system. The owner adjusted the thermo fans so they will kick on automatically when a predetermined temperature is achieved. That is essential, especially during racing sessions when the car runs at the absolute maximum allowed power.

The tires, meant for driving on the track, give improved grip and braking performance.As a track vehicle, the Porsche Boxster outfitted with an Audi engine is equipped with enhancements to its suspension, wheels, and tires. It features adjustable Titan coilovers which enable the car to better adapt to shifting circuit conditions. Coupled with lightweight 18-inch OZ Racing Alleggertia race wheels and Zestino Gredge 07RS tires, optimized for taking on the racetrack, these offerings heighten grip and braking outputs.

Apart from the parts that concern the swapped V8, the owner also integrated a hard top, which begs the question, “Is it still a Boxster?” Regardless, the hard top provides improved aerodynamics and a decrease in weight since the components that are necessary for the convertible feature were taken out. Inside the cabin, Raceworks bucket seats and harnesses have replaced the Mazda RX-8 seats that the previous owner had installed.

Shoehorning a V8 into a Boxster could bring a smile to Porsche traditionalists, however it is probably much less awful just to go with a LS swap. Saying that though, if the owner is in love with the results on the track, then just what do we have to object to?

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