Porsche North America CEO from BMW, Starting Nov.

Porsche Sees New Leadership with Timo Resch

Today, Porsche declared that Timo Resch will be assuming the role of CEO in North America come November 2020. He has recently departed from a significant position at BMW to accept the responsibility. This follows the departure of Kjell Gruner, who served as the previous head for the company until July.

Presently, Resch is the vice president for consumer, brand, and sales at BMW M. Prior to that, he had worked at BMW Motorrad, the carmaker’s motorcycle subdivision. His career began in 1995 with Porsche. In the late 2000s, he was part of Porsche North America, thus his transition to the position of highest authority within the firm is not a stranger matter.

He has been appointed the new president and CEO of Porsche Cars North America, and is due to begin in November. As it stands, Executives Thierry Kartochian and Joe Lawrence are both sharing responsibility for managerial roles. Currently, Kartochian is Porsche’s CFO, and Lawrence is handling chief operating officer functions. Since Jens Gruner’s quick exit in the beginning of July, they have both been at the helm of Porsche North America.

The erstwhile Porsche employee did not provide an account for his resignation, though a hasty inquiry of LinkedIn makes evident that he is now the Chief Commercial Officer and President of Business Growth for electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian, which was inaugurated just this month. Gruner functioned as CEO of Porsche North America for a period exceeding two years, climbing the ladder to the position in 2020 after previously occupying his role as Vice President since 2010.

“We are thrilled to have Timo Resch back at Porsche, especially in one of our most crucial regions,” declared Detlev von Platen, a member of the executive board for sales and marketing at Porsche AG, in a statement. “He is already quite familiar with Porsche and the US market. With his extensive experience from his previous roles, he will be able to bolster the Porsche brand’s presence in North America and provide meaningful momentum for its future growth.”

At this time of unprecedented success, Michael Resch has made an entrance to the world of Porsche as the brand’s President and CEO. With sales on the rise this year, industry experts are hopeful that Resch will not only continue to steer the organisation towards record heights but also implement innovative strategies that will take the brand to the next level. So far, Resch has unveiled plans to expand the company’s overseas production operations and increase engagement with customers across all channels. It looks like the future is bright for Porsche and its new president.

Source: Porsche

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