Tesla’s 4-Brand NACS Club: Porsche, Audi, Scout, VW

No Automaker Shuns Tesla’s Charging Standard

The Volkswagen Group – which encompasses Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, and Skoda – has declared its usage of Tesla’s Non-Standard Charging System (NACS) ports. Volkswagen, previously one of the sole two major auto manufacturers that had abstained from the custom, has capitulated to outside influences thus leaving Stellantis as the only firm diverging from this trend.

Starting in 2024, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, and Skoda vehicles offered for sale in the US will have a NACS charging port. This will give purchasers access to over 20,000 Tesla superchargers located around North America, as well as the over 3,800 DC fast-charging stations already provided by Electrify America and Electrify Canada. This will expand the variety of options available for those intending to purchase an electric vehicle.

The US version of certain vehicles under the Volkswagen label, such as the Volkswagen ID.4 and Porsche Taycan, with CCS charging ports, will get authorization to utilize NACS-fitted superchargers. According to VW, they are looking into potential adapter solutions; however, nothing definitive has been revealed yet.

“At Porsche Cars North America, we are committed to providing an unparalleled customer experience, and having more options for payment is a key part of this,” said Timo Resch, President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America. “We strive to make the process of charging as seamless and effortless as possible.”

The news that VW Group’s subsidiary, Electrify America, will be adding NACS plugs to their CCS charging stations in July was not unexpected. With this announcement, the questions concerning the upcoming Scout brand have been answered.

The iconic Scout badge is once again being seen around; this time it’s by Volkswagen Group, headed up by Scott Keogh – former Chief Executive and President of Volkswagen Group of America, as well as CEO of VW North America. For support in development, there is a $10 million grant recently accepted through the Michigan Strategic Fund Board and it is being put to use at their research center in Detroit.

It is anticipated that the forthcoming Scout vehicles will emerge in 2024, with the SUV released prior to the pickup. Nonetheless, at present, there are just a few pieces of knowledge about the future designs of Scout due to information from CarBuzz which uncovered potential labels listed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

We are conjecturing that if an up-and-coming enterprise like Scout has embraced the NACS, Stellantis will soon make a proclamation.

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