Posing in Vagabund’s Defender 90

Vagabund Moto Mocks Pavement-bound Off-Roaders

Design atelier Vagabund Moto specializes in motorbikes but has completed a fascinating four-wheeler: an open-topped, classic Land Rover Defender pickup. The inside and outside of Vagabund’s build demonstrate a spartan and immaculate approach yet there are still some offbeat elements, not the least of which is its idea – this ‘off-roader’ has beenfabricated specifically for roads.

The time-honored Defender 90 was rebuilt and altered with the assistance of Darak Garage. It was disassembled to its core components and reconstructed, displaying the well-known subtle styling distinctive to the enterprise’s motorbike builds, featuring a custom black and grey finish and personalised Vagabund logos.

Featuring an upgrade of equipments, the remodeled Defender has bumpers made of steel at both the front and back. Its wheels have been improved as well in order to fit colossal off-road tires. The German shop that customizes vehicles has also given the SUV fenders extended on all four sides – not just for an attractive look but also to provide room within the wheel wells.

The inside of the now-converted SUV has also been elaborately redesigned, presenting a modified steering wheel and special sport seating. Even greater, it gets an altered Alcantara dashboard along with a foldable windshield and a detachable Bluetooth cube speaker. To take this customization to the next level, the pick-up bed boasts marble flooring and an elevated number of tie-down points for securing bikes at the trailer.

The Vagabund Defender is in no way inferior, receiving a newly rebuilt V8 motor coupled with a manual gearbox. This improved version of the stock engine isn’t quite the 650-horsepower beast, but it still offers more oomph than the original. Unfortunately, the details encompassing the engine upgrade have yet to be made known by Vagabund, so we’re kept in the dark regarding the power output from this new motor.

The primary intention of the construction was not to make a serious off-road vehicle; it was aimed at crafting something entertaining, cosy, and laid back aided by its open-top illustration. This SUV was designed to be the ideal Sunday chauffeur for idealistic climate excursions and beach drives. It takes on a concept similar to that of the Defender 90 Spyder, yet makes use of an outdated body style for a neat and rendezvous look, instantly elevating its chilli factor.

The Vagabund staff are also keeping their sights set on crafting a Land Rover Defender 130 cab-less pick-up and soon enough, this should be available. It will remain consistent with the straightforward aesthetic of its smaller relation but is being designed to offer just as much elegance and sophistication.

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