2,336 Piece Land Rover Defender 90 Lego Kit: $239.99

Build it Up: Two Engines, Three Hoods, Endless Accessories

Lego presents the very detailed set of classic Land Rover Defender 90. As opposed to its modern form, this one was available from 1983 until 2016. Furthermore, buyiers are equipped with a range of customizing components.

The Defender Model is composed of 2,336 pieces and supplies two assembling options. A person can put together the regular, street-traveling SUV with a pale green body and white top. Alternatively, there is the choice to pack the shell with components like a roof rack, snorkel air intake, revised front guard with an operational winch, rock rails, toolbox, jack, fire extinguisher, and recuperation boards. Three hoods along with two motors are included with the set. With all this gear, it’s possible to create a neat diorama representing extreme off-roading.

Without the attachments, the Defender 90 variation measures 12.5 inches in length, 6 inches broad and 6 inches high. Its grand dimensions provide enough space to add a great number of amazing features. The manual steering is in operative condition. Doors and bonnet can be opened as well as the suspension shows its efficacy.

Beginning April 1, the brand-new Defender 90 kit will be available to purchase at Lego stores, with the online Lego store page indicating that the set can be bought as of April 4. Retailing for an amount of $239.99, the model specific is sure to please customers.

For the launch of the model, the organization took a garish yellow Defender to an isolated area in Scotland’s Highlands and converted it into a minuscule Lego boutique. The brand invited mountaineer Raha Moharrak and Scottish explorer Aldo Kane to achieve the destination. You can see the footage of their arduous journey below.

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For Lego collectors who appreciate Land Rovers, the toy firm released a Technic construction set of the 2020 Defender in 2019. Standing 16 inches long, 7 inches wide and 8 inches tall, this kit was made up of over 2,500 parts. Notable features included a 4-speed sequential gearbox, four-wheel drive, operable suspension, a functioning winch and retractable rear seats. Unfortunately, this model is no longer available.

Source: Lego

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