Practical Power: Ford Mustang Semi Truck

Big Rig with Spare Mustang: Need a CDL?

The Ford Mustang label may just have stumbled onto something incredible—something much bigger than the Mach-E. Literally, it’s a whole lot bigger. Through the wonder of virtual rendering technology employed on this unique Ford Mustang semi-truck concept, we are able to envision what a big rig would look like if it was combined with the iconic S650-generation Mustang muscle car. At the front, its Mustang features are undeniable—the 2024 Mustang headlights staring directly ahead and the engine behind an undeniably massive grill. The flared wheel arches, Shelby stripes, and retro wheels all come together to form a spectacular complete semi, characterizing the Mustang as a practical commercial automobile. All these additional measurements and weight require a commercial vehicle license; luckily, it’s carrying a bonus in the form of an authentic Mustang.

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