Witness Tesla Semi Wiper Performance: Is One Adequate?

Can Single Wiper Handle Heavy Rain?

The behemoth Tesla Semi has a vast, panoramic windshield for fabulous sight. The towering, tinted glass winds completely around the luxurious cabin with not many apparent seams. Nevertheless, there’s merely a single windshield wiper, thus it prompts one to contemplate whether it will suffice.

Speculation has been rampant regarding the Tesla Cybertruck’s windshield wiper, so it makes sense that someone would record footage of the Tesla Semi in the rain. Just like the Cybertruck, it appears the Semi has been fitted with a single, oversized wiper – the so-called “mono wiper” – which may also be the case for the production Cybertruck; we’ll just have to wait and see.

One could possibly presume that the single-wiper system of the Tesla Semi offers room for betterment, yet a video shared on the r/TeslaMotors subreddit demonstrates otherwise. Additionally, although many have voiced their experience with operating the Semi, it appears no one has said the windshield wiper is deficient or ineffective.

As you may observe in the video underneath, a Frito-Lay Tesla Semi is being driven in rainy weather, and evidently its windscreen wiper is moving.

Certainly, the footage is concise; making it hard to determine the vigor of the precipitation. In any case, absent is the view from within the vehicle’s interior looking outwards. Yet, the videographer did succeed in affording us a very clear and near shot of the windshield. Evidently, the wiper was able to sweep a wide and grand swath of the glass.

Having witnessed the Tesla Semi’s wipers in action during a rainy day, it would be great to observe how it performs on icy and snowy surfaces.Not to mention, footage from the driver will help us in understanding this further.

Teslarati remarks that although mono wiper blades are not frequently seen, Tesla has settled on this option for its Semi and supposedly for the future Cybertruck. CEO Elon Musk has emphasized that devising an effective windshield wiper arrangement for the forthcoming all-electric truck has certainly posed as a tricky problem, and it’s imperative that it functions admirably in contrasting climatic conditions while still appearing alluring.

One might expect Tesla to employ a variation of the wiper technology utilized on the Tesla Semi in regards to the Cybertruck. Its design isn’t all that unpleasant, and its proficiency appears to have exceeded some persons’ projections.

What’s your opinion? Will the CyberTruck possess a single windshield wiper scrounger, or will it be like the Tesla Semi and have plenty of it? Give us your insights by penning them in the comment portion underneath.

Source: Teslarati

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