Previewing the Future: Possible Design of 2025 Audi A7 Avant

Audi to Release New Odd-Named ICE Cars Alongside A6 Avant Electric Variant

Big transformations are on the horizon for Audi as the renowned German luxury brand prepares to electrify its entire range before fully transitioning to electric vehicles by 2026. While a small number of models with traditional combustion engines are still in the works, Audi intends to designate them using odd numbers. This means that our former designation of the A6 will now be known as the A7. Newly captured spy photos offer a sneak peek at this model, and we are pleased to present our unique rendition of the finalized version.

The A7 Avant is set to feature a broader single-frame grille, now with horizontal chrome slats for a more layered appearance at the front of the car. With slim LED headlights serving as striking embellishments, the car’s facade exudes an air of sleekness. Additionally, the sizable air intakes placed on the bumper’s edges contribute to a brawnier overall look.

The latest Audi station wagon features broad wheel arches that enhance its sporty appearance. The improved aerodynamics are achieved with retractable door handles. Similar in size to the current A6 Avant at approximately 16 feet, the new model retains a similar footprint.

The back end features a luminous LED strip that stretches across the entire width of the tail. Vertical components are situated on the outer sides of the lights.

At present, the A6 and A6 Avant provide a range of gasoline, diesel, and plug-in hybrid engines in various markets. It has been reported that the A7 sedan and its wagon variant will soon receive new mild-hybrid and PHEV powertrains. Photos taken last year showed what seemed to be the RS7 being tested with a charging port on its body, implying that it would also be equipped with a PHEV engine.

Regrettably, we do not possess any information regarding the A7’s internal design. In order to rival against the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class, it is essential for it to provide exceptional technology such as prominent displays and advanced driving assistance capabilities.

Expect Audi to debut the A7 four-door executive car before launching the Avant version. Both models are likely to have similar interior configurations, except for the wagon’s superior cargo-carrying capacity.

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