See Audi SQ5 & S5 Avant Tests in Colorado [UPDATE]

Two Wagons, Same Model, Different Taillights
Guess the Audis: I Catch THREE Prototypes in the Colorado Mountains!

Attentive readers Mark Brady and Steve Blendermann also spotted Audi SQ5 test mules in the mountains. They witnessed the prototypes being tested, which gives us a clue as to what we can expect from this special hot version of the Q5 SUV.

Their pictures are distributed here with authorization; we can distinctly observe four derived exhaust vents at the back. Furthermore, a side view also gives us an optimal look at the tyres fitted with low-profile rubber. Appreciate you for the snaps, Mark and Steve!

Credit for the photo goes to Mark Brandy and Steve Blendermann. Those two are responsible for this brilliant image, and these creative professionals have done a stunning job. They have produced an extraordinary picture, one that is truly remarkable. It’s a credit to them and their imaginative abilities that they could make such an excellent photograph.

Audi is currently undertaking exhaustive testing of three vehicles in the elevation-rich Colorado Mountains. Videographers from TFL Now managed to spot the threesome depart from a hotel before boarding the interstate. All three cars were armed with four exhausts – two located on each side – seemingly confirming they are all S variants.

The collection showcased beneath presents footage of the Audi SQ5 being examined in Europe. Although this clip does not supply a spectacular view of the front of the car running in the Colorado Mountains, the side and rear designs closely reflect each other. The sharp tail lamps are especially demonstrative of this parallel.

Images of the typical, newly improved Q5 show that its interior boasts a rectangular digital instrument cluster. A cuboid display is integrated into the dash and projects itself outwards.

This will be the concluding edition of the Q5 featuring internal combustion. An electrified SQ5 derivative is in store.

Audi intends to revise its naming protocol by making even numerals the norm for electric models while odd ones will be exclusively reserved for autos driven by combustion engines. Consequently, the present day A4 will necessarily advance to the title of A5.

The present glimpses in the photographs are all we have of the A5 Wagon. While it carries a lone, oblong exhaust pipe, the four pipes glimpsed in the video offer proof that this is rather the S5.

An unusual element can be noticed in this video: the two wagons display varying tail light designs. The one centred exhibits sequential indicators, whereas the one leading illustrates circular lamps without swish turning signals. It could be possible that these are two distinct vehicles distinctively placed at various development cycles.

The report also claims that the current seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox will be dumped in exchange for an eight-speed automatically transmission, but there’s no talk of a proper manual.The new S5 clan is said to introduce a display of hybrid power. A newly developed RS5 version should follow not far behind accompanied by electric fractions to its drivetrain. Audi has confirmed that the RS cars will not move on to being four-cylinder driven, thus, a V6 is presumed to be the internal combustion element. Additionally, the present seven-speed twin-clutch transmission may be switched for an eight-speed automatic configuration, though, there is unfortunately no news regarding a manual approach.

Audi are in the process of bringing out the brand-new A6 Avant if you choose an electrical wagon. Expect its launch during 2024.

Source: TFL Now via YouTube

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