Pristine Chiron Super Sport 300+ Up For Grabs – Only 7 in USA!

Bugatti’s Pre-Delivery Testing Done, 5 Miles Driven – Just Like New!

It has been reported that one of the seven Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ models, which were released in a limited production run of 30 units, has surfaced for purchase on American soil. This serves as a reminder of how comparatively reasonable the initial price tag of almost $4 million was.

An extraordinary supercar has been put up for sale through the Bonhams Scottsdale auction, scheduled for January 25. This precious vehicle has only accumulated a mere 256 miles since its construction – Bugatti covered 250 of those miles during their pre-delivery testing. This particular unit is the ninth Chiron Super Sport 300+ ever produced and, to our knowledge, it marks the debut of this model on American land.

Bonhams predicts that the Chiron SS 300+ will sell for a price range of $5 million to $5.5 million. Is this estimate reasonable? In the previous year, a model with only 1,416 miles was sold for just under £4.2 million at an RM Sotheby’s auction, which is equivalent to $5.33 million in today’s exchange rates. It seems fair to expect a slight increase in value for a brand new vehicle, and it is highly unlikely that the estimate will not be met. In fact, it may even be greatly exceeded.

It’s important to note that over a year has passed since the final delivery of 30 units in July 2022, and all 500 regular Chiron cars (or 501 if we include the Chiron Profilee) have already been sold.

For reference, Bugatti accomplished a historic velocity of 304.773 mph in 2019, however, this record was only achieved in one direction. Therefore, the Molsheim-based car manufacturer cannot claim to be the ultimate record holder. Nevertheless, this fact may seem insignificant as the limited edition ‘300+’ model, inspired by the record-breaking prototype, is not capable of replicating such a remarkable achievement under any circumstance. Its top speed has been electronically restricted to 273.4 mph.

However, the success or failure of this vehicle at auctions is of little concern to potential purchasers. What truly matters is Bugattis consistently deliver exceptional speed combined with impeccable construction and lavish comfort. Additionally, we have a distinctive iteration of an already uncommon supercar, featuring an iconic engine that can never be duplicated.

Is the $2 million premium worth it since its initial launch? Definitely.

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