Production Begins for Cadillac’s New Luxury EV, the Celestiq

Hand-built EV model at GM Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan.

Cadillac has finally initiated the manufacturing process for the Celestiq, more than a year after revealing their high-end electric vehicle (EV) in October of 2022. A report from GM Authority confirms this development and indicates that Cadillac plans to produce approximately 100 to 150 units every year.

“We have already started constructing one of one units,” stated Cadillac’s chief Roth during a briefing attended by GM Authority.

The Cadillac Celestiq is meticulously crafted at the GM Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, with each individual vehicle priced at approximately $340,000. Despite its steep cost, GM officials announced in December that the car has already been completely pre-ordered for the next 18 months.

Consumers are presented with an extensive selection of personalized options for the Celestiq, as evidenced by a recent sighting of a vehicle in Detroit sporting a distinctive green exterior. This principle employed by the U.S. car manufacturer dictates that no customer request shall be denied, setting the standard for what we can anticipate from the model.

The foundation of the Cadillac Celestiq is built upon GM’s BEV3 platform, which utilizes an Ultium EV architecture that is also used in other vehicles such as the GMC Hummer EV and Honda Prologue. This highly-anticipated ultra-luxury electric vehicle from Cadillac boasts a powerful 111-kWh battery pack and two electric motors, producing an impressive 600 horsepower and 640 lb-ft of torque. These specs enable the Celestiq to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds.

According to the manufacturer, the Celestiq boasts a considerable driving distance of 300 miles on one battery charge. Additionally, with a 200 kW DC rapid charging mechanism, this electric vehicle can gain an impressive 78 miles of range in just 10 minutes of charging time.

It is uncertain as to when the initial purchasers will receive their units, however we anticipate that deliveries will commence in the next twelve months. With production now underway, the Celestiq will join the elite niche of ultra-high-end electric vehicles along with the Rolls-Royce Spectre EV.

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