Race of ’69 Classics: Chevelle vs. Charger

Muscle Car Showdown: ’69 LS Chevy v ’69 Mopar Charger

When it pertains to the foremost classic muscle cars ever, the 1969 Dodge Charger and 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle really stand out from the rest. These two vehicles imprinted their stamp on power and performance, significantly impacting the ongoing adherence to muscle car culture with the ’69 Dodge Charger even featured in The Dukes Of Hazzard hit TV show.

RestoMods, a YouTube channel, exhibits the classic muscle cars from ’60s eras that have been refurbished with modern components to better their performance as well as bolster its dependability. Breaking down the reimagining of the 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle and the massive Dodge Charger restomod of the same year, they choose to measure how much effect the transformation has on the cars in an exhilarating drag race.

1969 Supercharged LS Chevelle vs 1969 Big Block Charger (V8 SHOWDOWN)

This shining silver 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle restomod flaunts a whopping 1,000 HP from its LS-based V8 engine supercharged to 427 cu. in., mated to a 6-speed manual transmission and coupled with a twin-disc clutch. All this monumental power is routed through a complete QA1 coilover suspension system installed on two-piece American Racing forged wheels wearing 315 mm Nitto tires in the rear and 275 mm tyres upfront.

The widely-known underdog in the race is an up to 500HP ’69 Dodge Charger restomod driven by its large 440 cu. in. V8, bumped up to 500 cu. in., featuring electronic fuel injection and ignition, alongside a specially-tuned camshaft and tubular header setup. Power is transmitted to the ground through the 3-speed 727 automatic transmission presented by TCI, together with the Hotchkis suspension, Rocket Racing wheels, and Nitto 295 mm rear tires.

Demonstrating impressively, two vehicles offer a prime illustration of what tremendous 1960s muscle car restomod projects can achieve. That being the case, pitting the Chevelle, product of an engine featuring 1,000 HP with its supercharged LS unit, against the Mopar V8 equipped in the modified Dodge Charger could never render a even match.

RestoMods organise stunning drag races, cognizant they’d result in the same conclusion each time. Showcasing their much vaunted Chevelle, it pulled away from the Charger, leaving a car’s length or two difference when the quartet mile was over, proving this twice consecutively.

It was more a case of two classic symbols of 1969’s beloved muscle cars being put together so admirers could see the perpetual beauty that both these restomods boast when judged inside and out. An abundance of power too, made the events end result obvious yet drag racing had never been presented in such splendour.

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