SRT Demon Packs 1,025 HP for Under $100K

Dodge’s Last ICE Muscle Car: 1,025 HP, 945 lb-ft, E85 Power

Presenting the 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170, an automobile that marks Dodge’s sorrowful farewell to the Hemi bolstered car cycle. This beauteous vehicle completely revamps what we deem as achievable within the sub-$100,000 range in terms of traditional gasoline.

Undoubtedly, the Demon 170 sets itself apart. Dodge asserts that it can do 0-60 mph in 1.66 seconds, and if accurate, it would outperform the reigning champion of speediest street-legal vehicles – a custom-made electric car generating up to 1900 hp and priced at a staggering 2.2 million dollars.

The Demon 170 is an accurate illustration of a real muscle car. Alluring outwardly, a dauntingly strong supercharged V8 mounted overhead, an expeditious eight-speed automated transmission in the center, and entire proceeding towards the posterior tires exclusively. Still, conceivably most importantly, it’s attainable and economic.

It all began because of COVID-19, when forty individuals had a carefully-spaced get-together in an auto park, formulating a completely uncommon motorcar and not merely a transformed SRT Demon.

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is set to a maximum of $99,666, with the manufacturer producing up to 3,300 units of the car in total. Out of the 3,000 cars earmarked for production in the US, 300 are designated to be sold in Canada. Those selling the car at MSRP will benefit from being given priority scheduling, making it one of the most intelligently sorted processes we have heard of so far. However, this still will not cease buyers looking to make a quick profit, which is common in other markets too. If you are considering buying one though, you will have to act fast as these cars are likely to sell out quickly, at a rate much faster than the Chrysler 300C final edition which sold within 12 hours of their launch date. Fortunately, the order books will only open on the 27th of March, giving buyers an entire week to discuss the decision with their partners.

We are witnessing an incredible democratization of speed, something that John DeLorean surely envisioned when he initially conceptualized the muscle car. There is a car now readily accessible to the majority, priced at only one-fifth of what you might expect to pay for the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, yet it will still surpass it in straight-line performance.

No matter what your allegiance to Dodge might be, it’s impossible not to take off your John Deere cap and give the Demon 170 a respectful nod as it thunders past.

Let’s go into more detail at the head of the page. A much-referenced 6.2-liter V8 engine furnishes the base, and on top is affixed an adapted 3.0-liter supercharger. Dodge then bolstered a range of driveline components to be able to effectively manage all that power, which is why it earned its second identifying name. Various parallels can be found between this unit and the notable Hellephant crate motor also known as C170.

Opt for a tank of premium 91 octane and you’ll unlock 900 horsepower and 810 lb-ft of torque from this supercharged V8. Pump the E85 flexible fuel option into your car, and you’ll tap into 1,025 hp (6,500 rpm) and 945 lb-ft (4,200 rpm), hence warranting its apt moniker. What’s more, you get eco credentials with this kind of green fueling — around 45% less CO2 compared to petrol. Take that, electric vehicles!

Boasting an impressive 1000+ horsepower, Dodge declares the Demon 170 will achieve 60 mph lightning-fast in 1.66 seconds, thrusting the driver back with a forceful 2.004 Gs. This is comparably similar to the acceleration experienced by an F1 racer when beginning from a standstill – and additionally setting a new record!

In place of bragging about a quarter-mile figure, Dodge had the Demon 170 certified by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). This factory-made vehicle is officially the first to cross the finish line in a quarter-mile run in less than nine seconds, with an astounding time of 8.91 at 151.17 mph.

In the absence of a roll cage or parachute, the Demon 170 has been excluded from NHRA events. Congratulations to the Demon 170 for upholding its ancestor’s legacy.

There is a key differentiation between the 2018 Dodge Demon and the upcoming 2023 Demon 170, not limited to its much expedited acceleration. Notably, Dodge prohibited the issuance of any black keys; the 170 will only be provided with two red keys.Demon proprietors understand through experience the heavyweight of such a decision. The prior Demon model was equipped with a black key that would restrain the power to merely 840 hp. In the Demon 170, however, the sensor will recognize the ethanol in the gasoline, consequently deciding the result of its horsepower.

“To commemorate the finish of the HEMI muscle-car period, we took away all the governors to reach a new level, a new benchmark of ‘factory-crazy’ production car performance,” declared Tim Kuniskis, Dodge brand CEO of Stellantis. “In 2015, Dodge stunned the world with the 707-horsepower Hellcat. Subsequently in 2018, we did it with the 840-horsepower Demon, and now we are doing it once more with the 1,025-horsepower Demon 170, the world’s first sustainable-energy, eight-second factory-production, street-legal muscle car.”

The Demon 170 is the seventh and final “Last Call” model, and it’s surprisingly subtle. The only way to tell it apart from the other models is the staggered drag radials (another first) and the fender flares. It features Mickey Thompson P315/50R17 ET Street R drag radials at the widebody rear, and 245/55R18 ET Street tires at the front for reduced weight and rolling resistance.

Dodge equipped the backside with broadened wheel-arch trim sections to cover up the wide tyres, whereas the usual Challenger wheel-arch trims are extensive enough to camouflage the front rubber.

The Demon, originally introduced in production form way back in 2018, has three distinct features which have been brought back into the spotlight with the new 170. These include the iconic air-grabber hood and alluring air-catcher headlamps – gone are the days of the traditional single left inboard eye, with the 170 opting for full-blown maximum airflow potential. Another throwback to its predecessor model is the SRT Power Chiller, a system which uses the SUV’s air conditioning to reach target temperatures for the incoming intake air. All in all, these three features pay homage to the aggressive and wild style of the original Demon.

Dodge has upgraded the iconic TransBrake, providing access through a button situated in the middle of the console. Basically, it permits the operator to configure numerous take off settings that depend on the area. Achieving the most powerful launch can be done by taking the RPM up to a maximum 2,350.

Once more, multiple driver-assisting functionalities are returning. These incorporate Line Lock (making smoky burnouts), Launch Control (starting off in a non-race setting), and Launch Assist to restrict wheel hop. And yes, the Demon 170 can still perform a wheelie.

Demon 170s come with three distinct driving options as the norm: Custom, Automobile, and Drag. By selecting the Drag Mode, operators will be able to fine-tune a range of components, consisting of power, transmission, shift paddles, grip, suspension, and direction. Bearing in mind its rather considerable mechanical upgrades, we decided to give it a separate post.

Dodge will be offering a range of fourteen exterior colours for the 170, comprising of tributes to classic shades such as B5 Blue, Plum Crazy and Sublime green. All of these can be coordinated with either a Satin Black material hood or hood, roof and deck lid in Satin Black paint.

A standard SRT badge is pasted to the grille, but the updated Demon badge gets a “170” neck tattoo and yellow eyes. For the 2023 Challenger and Charger models, the 170 has been given a unique underhood commemorative plaque. It also sports an exclusive Demon-themed supercharger badge, which is sure to turn heads.

You get a yellow and red Demon instrument panel badge with a four-digit VIN inside, and owners of the original Demon who secure an allocation of the 170 will be eligible to receive a badge that has the same VIN. The digital instrument cluster also has unique graphics just for the Demon model, and the Alcantara steering wheel is adorned with an LED “SRT” logo.

A houndstooth fabric interior is commonplace to lessen mass. Dodge will also strip away the passenger seat, rear bench seats, trunk mats, and noise muffling and substitute it with a two-speaker audio system.

If that’s a tad too vigorous for you, then the Premium interior might just be perfect. It boasts Black Alcantara/Laguna leather heated and cooled spots, a heated management wheel, and an 18-speaker Harman Kardon audio complex. Those seeking even more extravagance can choose the Demonic Red Laguna leather choice with back seat non availability.

Dodge is ushering in the Demon 170, featuring a plethora of components obtainable through Direct Connection. We explore that further in a separate article.

“Like the Demon, owners must save a waiver ‘acknowledging the unique characteristics of the Demon 170.’ This is because the drag radials that come with the car cannot be used in the cold or the rain, although they are street-legal. To ensure the safety of drivers, Dodge has included a one-day SRT Experience class at Radford Racing School to help them learn how to handle the over 1,000 horses of the Demon. In other words, this is Dodge’s way of protecting itself from any potential incidents caused by inexperienced drivers.”

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