Race Tight: BMW 3 Series Vs. Cadillac CTS-V

High Horsepower vs. Tremendous Torque

One of the more peculiar drag races observed arrived with a grand antagonism between a 700-horsepower Cadillac CTS-V and a BMW 3-Series 335D on Hoonigan’s This vs That program. Believe it or not, the diesel motorized saloon had sufficient vigor to challenge the mighty supercharged brute over a whopping 1,000 feet in a race.

Beneath the exterior of J.D. Carlsen’s CTS-V lies a 6.2-liter V8 engine equipped with a supercharger. As Carlsen himself states, no extravagant modifications have been made to the engine; only an aftermarket intercooler, pulley, camshafts and injectors were added, along with twenty inch rims for the wheels.

Concurrently, the BMW 3 Series contains a 3.0-liter turbocharged diesel inline-6 engine – conceptualised and designed by Douglas George. Outfitted with primarily factory parts, the ride is also equipped with a methanol injection system installed in their rear end.

Methanol-Spiked BMW 335d vs 700hp Cadillac CTS-V // THIS vs THAT

In addition to maintaining the engine’s cleanliness, George has discovered that a methanol injection can also contribute to producing more horsepower from his automobile. Which is no ordinary car – it can literally generate a whopping 380 horsepower and an estimated 600 lb-ft of torque on the maximum level. Boasting rear-wheel-drive, a 6-speed automatic transmission and street tires, this vehicle serves as his primary ride.

In the inauguratory 1,000-foot showdown, the diesel guzzling BMW quickly claimed the lead; however, it was overtaken by the LS V8-equipped Cadillac in the terminative stretch. Noted by the Hoonigan guys, the Cadillac also had numerous grip-loss episodes even when in third gear.

In the second go-around, BMW signaled they were in the lead as soon as possible; nonetheless, once the Cadillac gained momentum, it sped to the finish line defeating BMW’s forces and pushing its horsepower strength right before their eyes.

Hoonigan opted to include yet another contest, featuring a participant seated in the Cadillac as counterweight. This time, the BMW achieved its goal and remained ahead of the CTS-V with a margin of half an automobile.

The CT-S V evidently displays signs of its rapidity. However, the BMW’s capabilities should not be disregarded as a sign that the 335D or any other diesel-powered BM has enormous tune-up potentials. We would adore the chance to experience what the now defunct 4 turbocharged diesel engine that BMW formerly fabricated could have done in this set up. Are there any volunteers willing to create it?

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