Racing: Ford Mustang S650 GT Defeated by Cadillac CTS-V

Driver Walks Away Miracle After Scary Event

While the newly presented Ford Mustang model of 2024 has only just arrived on the automotive landscape, that keen owner of an S650 GT has tragically crashed theirs during a demanding and fast-paced drag race competition against the muscular Cadillac CTS-V.

It absolutely was not the fault of the Cadillac, and the driver of the Mustang can properly chastise himself for this episode.

The accident, shared on Tiktok, isn’t anywhere near asextreme as theProfessional drifter James Deane’s shed-inducing Mustang RTR Spec 5-FD devastation, yet it sufficed todemolishthe auto. Therace went easily to start with, with the CTS-V taking anexpansive advantageover the Ford, however close to the center ofthe quarter-mile strip, the ‘Stang wound up shedding its rearend.

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The pilot was unable to reign in the fishtail, effectively transporting the formidable 480-horsepower chariot directly into a boundary on the inverse side of the raceway. To refer to the impact as considerable would be an exaggeration, as the vehicle truly pushed through the defence wall, only coming to a halt due to the strength of a highly bonded chain link fence.

Externally, the Mustang seems to bear harm to its side rocker panel, boot top, and back passenger-side quarter. Destruction to the nose of the car is also visible: the lower element of the front grille has vanished, and due to the resting station of its front tires after the collision, it’s likely most of the front suspension elements have been totally destroyed.

Blessedly, it seems the side-view mirrors were not damaged.

“It’ll buff out” is not an option in this case. We believe that the car is headed for the great drag strip in the sky, where it can crash to its heart’s content without any repercussions.

The aesthetic harm might be amendable, however the real damage occurs for the elements that can’t be noticed. For instance, we are very sure the whole assembly has been so severely damaged that it could be categorised as being unrepairable.

The lucky driver of the Mustang came away from the upsetting episode with no injury, demonstrating the car’s exceptional crash safety. Subsequently, something was gained that day and if he would like to, the chap could look at becoming a member of Ford Elite Experience Club, to get some training from experts in a track environment.

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