Ram TRX Shorty Vs. Polaris UTV In Off-Road Drag Race

800 lb Lighter TRX: No Tweaks Under the Hood
Beto OnDGas’s 2dr RAM TRX vs Polaris NorthStar UTV // THIS vs THAT Off-Road

We have viewed the remarkable Ram 1500 TRX on numerous occasions – and it truly lives up to its title as a powerhouse. After all, it can zoom quickly, make impressive leaps, and maneuver through winding paths in various terrains. However, this video presents an even tougher challenge for the TRX – yet, it appears that it has some additional cards up its sleeve.

It is easily evident this is not a common TRX. It has been condensed to possess only two entries and a cut-down wheelbase. The engine is the same factory-installed supercharged 6.2 V8 attached with an 8-gear automated transmission. The performance of the vehicle is further augmented by decent suspension travel stats — 12 inches in the front and 13 in the rear. Moreover, its shortened version has essentially lessened its weight by around 800 lbs, bringing it to almost 6,400 lb mark when compared with the original.

In this showdown, the TRX is up against an altogether distinct vehicle. The oddly shaped four-wheel buggy is none other than the stylish 2021 Polaris NorthStar, appreciably lighter and equipped with a humble 1.0-liter four-stroke engine emitting nearly 82 hp. Notwithstanding its fewer horses compared to the truck, the NorthStar is no slouch; especially when it comes to off-road conditions.

The course for this drag race has a handful of jumps and inclines. We have seen previous recordings indicating that the TRX is competent when it comes to airtime, even though the tyres used do not appear to be ideal for off-roading. Nonetheless, it still manages to maintain good performance with no harm to the bodywork or suspension, while also dodging the need for any kind of airbag deployment.

What about the performance of the Polaris? As expected, it leaps very well but struggles to maintain speed between terrain ups. This is a remarkable setback, nevertheless, this unit is still quite competent, particularly taking into account its engine capability. So, which all-terrain vehicle comes out on top? The video clips showcase three fights and, in each battle, the same individual triumphed.

Source: Hoonigan on YouTube

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