Rare Mazda Protege Rear Door Valued at $200K

Banksy’s Crazy Horse Door from Infamous NYC Stunt in 2013

Once upon a time, this door, now in black and white, was once a component of a 1990s Mazda Protege. Upon browsing the pictures at Julien’s Auctions, where this door is up for sale, one can note the presence of a Mazda sticker on the inner side of the window, as well as the original tan interior panel. However, it is on the exterior where the true wonder lies. Renowned street artist Banksy utilized this canvas to create a piece portraying a figure gazing upwards, among other elements.

Currently, the doorway holds a value that exceeds the total worth of its former vehicle. The expected range for its sale price, as stated by the auction house, is between $100,000 and $200,000. This sum will be affirmed on February 15 once the bidding concludes. This highly sought-after door is featured in Julien’s exhibition of street art, located in Beverly Hills, with online bidding already underway. At present, it is unclear if any offers have been made, but the opening bid starts at $25,000. Just to put things in perspective, this amount surpasses the original cost of the Protege when it was first sold.

Banksy’s “Crazy Horse” is a remarkable piece of art that includes a door as part of its original composition. The artwork covers not only a Mazda, but also the side of a box truck, portraying a chilling war scene. The car is adorned with individuals gazing up at the truck, where horses wearing night vision goggles are seen charging towards them. According to the auction listing, the scene also features a phone number that, when called, plays audio recordings of a 2007 airstrike in Iraq. This artwork was inspired by an Apache helicopter with the code name Crazy Horse 18, which is referenced in the title.

No official information could be found about the current location of the remaining portion, however, according to a Banksy-centric blog, the car and truck were taken down shortly after their appearance in October 2013. The truck and car, which were missing their driver-side doors, were supposedly placed onto a truck and transported away.

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