rd April 3rd Renderings – Best of the Week

New Ferrari, Updated 4 Series and More!

Every week we make available a plethora of renderings. While certain ones are previews of real models anticipated in the upcoming three months, other people are mainly crafted for amusement. Those envisage highly-futuristic introductions that are not possibly going to arrive on production assembly lines any time quickly, or potentially ever.

Here at Motor1.com, we are devoted fans of virtual illustrations and so that’s why we reasoned that it would be helpful to share an additional rendering story every week. This would blend the best aesthetics our personal designers disclose, as well as material presented by autonomous vehicle engineers, students, and mere auto fans.

This will be updated every Thursday with the most recent visualizations from the last week. So, when you have a desire to glimpse into what the future may be like, you’ll have all of these fantastic digital representations quickly accessible.

Audi gave us a sneak peek of the Q6 E-Tron some weeks back, although little else except for a totally camouflaged prototype was shown. This rendering is designed off the genuine spy photos of the electrically powered crossover, and thus before its official launch later this year it reveals what it looks like.

If you want even more than a hybrid supercar boasting almost a thousand horsepower, there is something new coming down the pipeline – the SF90 VS. This model could offer an even more extreme aerodynamic setup, as well as potentially more power, but it should remain street legal.

Development on a mid-cycle refreshment of the 4 Series Coupe is currently in progress, although only minimal transformations to the look are likely. This envisioning springs from fresh spy shots of the coupe and looks specifically like what the facelifted 4 Series Coupe LCI may possibly resemble.

For around a decade, the fifth-generation Mitsubishi L200 has been in existence. Recently, the Japanese automobile company has started taking steps to create a full-fledged successor to their midsize truck. At Bangkok International Motor Show recently, the firm presented a XRT Concept, and this 3D rendering provides an idea of what the concept might look like when produced.

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