Rebuilding Wrecked Lexus LFA: $500,000 Estimated Cost

Repair Planned for LFA Supercar in Fire Hydrant Crash

The number of Lexus LFAs in existence is quite limited, with only 500 ever produced. However, it appears that there is about to be one less after viewing the above photo and watching the accompanying video. But fortunately, this is not the case as this particular LFA is currently undergoing repairs.In January, the owner of this unique LFA experienced a brief lapse in control after a car event in Georgia. Social media footage captured the aftermath of the incident, as the car was being loaded onto a flatbed truck. In a video shared by ThatDudeInBlue, the owner admits to losing traction on the slick roads and accidentally grazing a fire hydrant. A closer inspection reveals significant damage to the vehicle.

The most conspicuous evidence of impact is the considerable breach in the carbon fiber door on the passenger side. The tail lamps and segments of the back bumper have disappeared, whereas the rear left quarter panel, composed of the same material as the door, displays a severe gash. The rims are deformed, the glass is shattered, and the distinctive three-outlet exhaust of the LFA is not looking its finest.

Surprisingly, there are no airbags on display. The interior appears to be in excellent condition, as does the engine compartment where the powerful V-10 shows no signs of damage. Based on the footage, it seems that this LFA’s underlying structure is intact, leaving the majority of the repairs to focus on the damaged external components.

Typically, the process of replacing some body elements and embellishments would be relatively straightforward. However, this is not the case for a limited-edition Lexus supercar as one would simply procure inexpensive salvage yard parts for a Camry. The present owner has stated that the estimated cost of repairs ranges from $400,000 to $500,000. Astonishingly, the single door component alone is priced at $40,000. Furthermore, obtaining the driver-side mirror would prove to be nearly impossible at this stage.

This particular LFA, if its initial selling cost of $375,000 was still taken into consideration, would have most likely been sold for scraps in an auction. However, due to the current market values, which have shot up to anywhere between $800,000 and over $1 million, the vehicle will undergo repairs instead. One could argue that for the cost of fixing this car, one could purchase a brand new Ferrari 812. However, the 812 does not hold the same value as this LFA, at least not at the moment.

The restoration procedure may require up to a year to finish, but it brings joy to witness a devastated high-performance car being rescued. In particular, when it’s an iconic model like the LFA.

Source: ThatDudeInBlue / YouTube

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