Red Bull Drivers vs AlphaTauri in Japan Game Driving Challenge

The Blindfolds – A Pleasant Surprise.

Out of all racing squads in Formula 1, none compare to Red Bull’s two divisions regarding their promotional endeavours. The latest one is a particularly whimsical affair, pitting the drivers of both vehicles in a variety of game-show style contests. Held inside an enclosed space, these races feature Honda kei cargo trucks but not their usual bulkier Civic Type R business autos, thereby yielding slower lap times yet providing more laughs.

The first three ordeals are one-of-a-kind, the concluding challenge being a contest of sorts. Max Verstappen initially determines the initial assignment, requiring driving personnel from each side to adjust their truck in reverse through multiple impediments before wedging it into a limited space. Needless to say, navigating a parallel parking exercise doesn’t seem to be high on the F1 competitors’ list of day-to-day occupations.

F1 Drivers Vs WILD Japanese Game Show! 🇯🇵

Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez pilots this initial competition, with Yuki Tsunoda at the wheel and Liam Lawson riding co-pilot. The driver from Japan posts the quickest lap, which rewards AlphaTauri with an advantageous position. This is not the first time a subsidiary group trumps an official team at such an absurd trial, and it most likely will not be the concluding one. Rapidly, Red Bull succeeds in tying up the score during the next bout, where teamwork among their drivers is needed.

The chauffeur is enshrouded with a bandage of obscurity (every driver gets a diverse blinder), while their explorer must direct. Any crates that tumble off the lorry across the route add two seconds to the total period.

Driving the course, Liam and Yuki manage to drop only one box, but when they cross the finish line, eleven are lost. In order to retain the lead, some questionable schemes must be utilized, and thus the AlphaTauri competitors push Red Bull crates out of the way.

Nevertheless, Checo stands out as an excellent navigator and Max competently completes the course with total confidence without even omitting a single cargo box. In their ultimate test, they embark on an unusal mission centered around oversized automobile bowling, with Max attaining eight pins and Liam standing beside him with identical points. Yuki takes the driver’s seat for one last attempt and, despite coming short of success, he does manage to knock down another pin – thus head-to-head it stays at nine to Max’s eight. Eventually, AlphaTauri triumphs in the best-of-three challenge afterall – followed shortly by a true motorcar race.

Checo and Liam cruise, while Max and Yuki labor as their individual delivery aides (the vehicle had to pause in the middle of the race to discard cartons). Both squads fare well, but Checo triumphs, demonstrating why he is occupying the superior post.

One wonders what entertaining and captivating motor display Red Bull will present next? They have proven their creativity by running an F1 racer through a Las Vegas gambling house, as well as offering Max the chance to practice drifting with Mad Mike. Beating that feat is most certainly ambitious.

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