Redesigned Tesla Cybertruck: A Million Times Better

Improvement of Cybertruck Styling: Controversial or Not?

After four long years of anticipation, Tesla Cybertruck deliveries are at long last beginning this week. But would more fanfare have been generated if its design had lived up to expectations? The electric truck has developed quite a following, yet its boxy appearance is equally despised by many.

Sent to us by graphic artist Dejan Hristov, whose credentials comprise a Miata competitor, the newly designed Cybertruck has been given an updated look with a mellowed front-end and sleeker edges. Maybe not as iconic as the actual model, but Hristov’s undertaking is far more useful, particularly when regarded from the side and back. If you look quickly, you may incorrectly assume this could be the leaked truck out of Lucid.

Whilst futuristic in design, Hristov’s Cybertruck forgoes sharp lines and edges; instead featuring flush-mounted glass and curved body panels. The end result is a more contemporary truck which doesn’t look like an industrial steel building on wheels.

When viewed from a lateral angle, one could almost characterize the aesthetic presentation of the Cybertruck as sporting. The stance is exemplary and awards the vehicle an appearance that gives off an air of determination and poise. In some way, it resembes the 2004 Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution that competed in the Dakar rally. The redesign on the backside stands out to be particularly mighty.

A slender, illuminated trim runs along the back exterior, providing a tidy look that bests even the production variant. Hristov also made some independent modifications like an advanced trunk-mounted drawer (overturning the initial design) and an active rear spoiler, along with an ingeniously incorporated windshield wiper that disappears when not in use.

Overall, the display appears to be quite pleasing and doesn’t detract from the familiar Cybertruck silhouette. Perhaps it’s not as remarkable or visually arresting, but we would hazard to guess that it would be better met than the finalized version.

Naturally talking, form is subjective, and it is obvious that Tesla has successfully achieved something from the broad fan based supporting Cybertruck. Moreover, the automaker devoted a great deal of effort to guarantee the production version was close to the presentation in 2019 offering an identical model.

We’ve already had a peek at how the Cybertruck could have been designed. Initially, there were slicker looking plans, yet Elon Musk opted not to accept something run-of-the-mill – he desired to revolutionize the form.

“I didn’t want to do a boring truck,” Musk declared. “I wanted to create something that was cool, like something out of a movie or video game. I told my design team, ‘Don’t resist me!’ Even if no one buys it, I still want to make it.”

Taking a gamble, the revamp managed to attain the objective of attracting attention; nevertheless, we believe this new style is preferable.

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