Renault Avantime Teaser: New Coupe Spy Photos

Revive the Avantime? Timing is Right After Espace Success.

The brand new Renault Austral has already become subject to a thorough analysis, following its introduction to the European market in 2022. Surprisingly, it has been made available in two variations: the regular kit and the extended wheelbase selection (generally referred to as the Espace). Recently-released spy shots provide evidence of an additional coupe rendition covered in camouflage and adorned with deceptive flaps contrived to alter the automobile’s contours. We can only wish that these add-ons are indeed made-up!

It is rumoured that our informant suggests the compact crossover will revive the iconic Avantime name. All who, remember this unique and strangely formed minibus, note it as something special; being praised for its merging of the roominess of an estate with the sporty agility of a coupé. This extraordinary combination was introduced before sloped roofed SUV coupes became hugely popular and although it only lasted two years, it positively made its mark on the motoring world; either favorably or not.

No matter whether this camo-covered crossover is dubbed Austral Coupe or Avantime, we are fairly sure it won’t sport the aforementioned U-shape features that adorn the doors. We also surmise that its front end will vary significantly from both the Austral and Espace examples. Slender headlights appear to be part of the picture, mostly like being temp models though. The sides of the front fascia also display an alternate design. It’s likely that vertical aspects have been incorporated and the camouflage allows us to detect LED lamps through the vent apertures.

Unlike the initial Avantime, this people mover will have four doors situated around the sides. From the C-pillar, it appears that we’re spotting an up-dip in the belt line similar to the customary Austral. Conceivably, those beefed-up U parts on the doors are aiming to obfuscate the Austral’s unmistakable horizontal body fold located at its lowermost part. For the rearward portion, this vehicle looks remarkably distinct from its counterparts since there is a sloping roof possessing a notably outstanding droop. Clouded by the camouflage covering, it is unachievable to assert whether its taillights take cues from the Austral and Espace models.

Currently, intel from our covert agents suggests that the gasoline-electric combination in the current models of Austral will remain unchanged, able to provide up to 280 horsepower. Seemingly, they are not expecting a diesel engine to be introduced.

This is an initial evidence of the prototype. Based on the magnitude of cloaking, as well as some parts which are non-standard features (including an exhaust pipe), we anticipate that a release will not be until 2024.

Source: CarPix

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