Renault Espace Spied With Unusual Arches

European 7-Seat SUV Replacing Minivan

The arrival of the sixth-generation Renault Espace is fast approaching the horizon. The French carmaker declared the family car to arrive on March 28, and here’s a final set of spy photos for you to witness, which displays a pre-production exemplar before its premier. It includes bolt-on wheel arch extensions that seem unusual yet might imply hidden design modifications.

The white plastic plates seem entirely out of place on this test car, so there could be two explanations for this. It’s feasible that Renault is attempting to delude the eyes of onlookers into believing this isn’t an Espace concept but something else. Most likely, though, we believe that the company has some slight changes to the wheel well that they would prefer to keep concealed before its official showing in a few weeks. Still, those chic and considerable rims look very nice.

The latest edition of the Espace isn’t an absolutely original vehicle. Rather, it simply expands upon the Austral SUV, measuring a length of 185.8 inches (4.72 meters) and thus 14 cm shorter than its predecessor. Nevertheless, due to illustrious engineering, Renault claims that the internal width of 97.6 inches (2.48 m) will be more generous in size. This new Espace is to be offered with either five or seven seats and will serve as Renault’s largest car available across Europe.

What hides beneath the surface? It is startling, but a prior trailer showing of the latest Espace uncovered the minivan-substituting SUV could utilize the 1.2-liter fuel motor of the Austral featuring either160 or 200 hp with the help of electric motors. Otherwise, the Austral’s 1.3-liter small-hybrid gasoline engine producing 140 and 160 hp should also be an option, although a diesel variation does not seem in the cards as there is no such engine for the tinier SUV.

The upcoming Espace is set to be significantly different from the company’s previous iterations, which typically took the form of a conventional minivan. However, it’s still exciting to witness the Renault diamond badge taking on a three-row vehicle. Europe has been witnessing a slow and sorrowful regression of the MPV market, so it comes as little shock that Renault have opted to abandon its famous single-volume design in favor of a more contemporary approach. Everything will be revealed on the 28th of March.

Source: CarPix

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