Renault Captur: Spy Shots Reveal a Makeover

New headlight and Other Upgrades Added

Renault’s Captur is approaching its second iteration, yet being that the car entered manufacturing in 2019, a remake appears to be on the horizon. Spy photos indicate the automaker is already beginning to plan out the updated look.

A spy shot of a partially disguised prototype taken recently gives us a peek at what the next Renault model could look like. Even though major sections have been concealed, the vehicle maintains its sporty and athletic character. We anticipate that the changed front and rear fascia will be expressed through the new design of the car. The shielding installed on the rear side windows may even hint to alterations of the interior from behind.

The camouflage conceals many of the design elements, yet we can spot some of the new headlamps emerging from the front. In addition, there should be an updated grille, front bumper, and daytime illumination. The back is totally concealed, though we anticipate that the manufacturer will endow the small crossover with contemporary taillights and a reworked bumper.

Although the photography does not give much away about the interior of the cabin, it does seem that Renault is shielding something. This car already has a digital instrument cluster as well as an infotainment system, so it is difficult to determine what could potentially be altered. It might be possible that new graphics are provided for the screens, plus some additional adjustments; however, it doesn’t look likely that Renault has major modifications in store, certainly not at the front of the vehicle. The camouflage covering the rear windows is curious.

Midway through its lifecycle, the crossover’s most prominent change is in visual notes. Customer won’t observe any updates to powertrain. The redesigned vehicle is likely to have a continued supply of Renault driven motors, including an electric motor and a plug-in hybrid option.

The remodeled crossover will contend with the Peugeot 2008, which recently encountered its mid-cycle refreshen. Notwithstanding, Peugeot has already supplied the powertrain with unobtrusive hybrid mechanisms.

It’s uncertain when Renault will introduce the updated Captur. Judging by the pictures that are available, it looks probable that the carmaker will make a formal announcement during 2021. Anticipate the new Captur to hit the market in 2024, similar to the remodeled Peugeot 2008.

Source: CarPix

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