Rescue of 1977 Ford F-250 Found After 35 Years: Watch Now

Reviving an Explorer package truck for a fresh start.

Prior to the introduction of the Ford Explorer SUV, there existed the Ford F-Series Explorer pickup truck. The Explorer was a cosmetic option available for all models in the F-Series range at that time, ranging from the F-100 to the F-350. This specific truck is a 1977 F-250 Custom single cab featuring an attractive red exterior highlighted by white stripes. However, it’s hard to appreciate its appearance with the amount of dirt covering it.

The team at WD Detailing is stepping in to help with this project. After sitting in a barn for 35 years, the owner has decided it’s time to give the truck some much-needed attention. However, before any work can begin, the truck must be freed from the clutter blocking its way out, such as barrels, pallets, and equipment. To add to the difficulty, the tires are flat and the barn’s dirt floor is covered in slippery mud. Eventually, the old truck is moved into the light, revealing the extent of the challenge ahead. The exterior is coated in layers of dirt, and a quick glance inside uncovers a disturbing amount of mouse droppings.

First Wash in 35 Years: Ford F250 BARN FIND With 17k Original Miles! | Satisfying Restoration

During the recovery process, we discover that the truck has only traveled 17,000 miles. If this Ford hasn’t suffered any fatal damage, it could potentially fetch a high price after being thoroughly restored. The driver-side door displays a significant dent, said to be from an encounter with a cow while stored in a barn, and there are noticeable spots of corrosion on the passenger side. Nevertheless, there is no major rust present, giving an optimistic outlook for the F-250’s overall condition.

As the grime is forcefully washed off, the situation improves. The bright white stripes of the Explorer kit provide a pleasing contrast with the red paint, and the inside also cleans up impressively, except for the mouse nest found in the glove compartment. The low mileage displayed on the odometer seems legitimate, especially considering the minimal wear visible at the bottom of the bench seat.

The team in charge of detailing refrains from trying to start the pickup truck. There’s a 400 cubic-inch V-8 engine under the hood that probably requires thorough maintenance before it can be started. However, after a machine polish, the paint shines beautifully, making it appear suitable for some exciting off-road adventures.

Over the years, American trucks from the 1970s and 1980s have held up well. A brief online search shows a variety of late 1970s F-250 pickups being sold for prices ranging between $20,000 and $60,000. A comparable single-cab truck, lacking the Explorer package, was recently sold on Bring a Trailer for $38,000, despite having double the mileage. Whether this particular vehicle heads to off-road trails or an auction, it’s simply satisfying to see it restored and in pristine condition.

Source: WD Detailing / YouTube

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