Rescuing Mustang: Barn Dismantled.

A Wall Around an Abandoned Car.
Amazing Barn Find/1966 Ford Mustang

If you wish to be very explicit when describing a barn find, this video could prove to be a good example. All conditions are satisfied: A much desired vintage automobile appears worn, yet in relatively decent condition. It has been unclaimed and unseen in a barn for decades, almost as if it was forgotten. Extracting it may require demolishing parts of the barn.

An old 1966 Ford Mustang convertible, endowed with a standard 200 cubic-inch 6-cylinder motor rather than a V8, saw the light of day again, which was documented and broadcasted to the Life’s Endeavors YouTube channel. It is speculated that the vehicle has been out of use since the late seventies or early eighties when it had been parked up and surrounded with walls. The Colorado license plate at the rear end indicates that the car had not been registered for forty-one years by 1982.

A thorough examination of the Mustang revealed a condition strongly reflective of its many years of storage. The outside is utterly caked in grime, the wheels completely deflated, and the ragtop appears to be full of rot. The interior… Well, that’s a different story. It seems that for a considerable span, this automobile has served as a residence for mice. This has to be one of the most unpleasant barn finds due to mice infestations seen by us. Nests are observable on the floors, chairs, and boot. Allegedly, numerous live mice were apparently detected during the automobile’s removal.

Figuring out how to get a car unstuck from an enclosed space can be challenging. However, destroying the barrier around this particular vehicle ended up being rather simple. It only had a single upright post and two sizable coverings. With pressurized air in its tires and many helpful people combining forces, the shining old Ford finally emerged from its four-decade imprisonment.

We get a clearer understanding of the vehicle’s status here, and it is actually incredibly adequate. After a speedy clean and freshening up of the interior, we soon note that only the back floor has any rust. The exterior is snug and even, and there are only 59,142 kilometers shown on the meter. Remarkably, the former tires still contain air.

The vehicle has been transferred to its fresh proprietor in Wyoming. The video concludes with the inside already stripped down for replacing the floor pans and inner parts. There are ambitions of making the aged straight-six engine functional again, even though possibly a V8 substitution may be done later on. It’s great to witness an ancient classic being revived, no matter what the outcome is.

Source: Life’s Endeavors / YouTube

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