Reveal: New Mazda MX-5 Miata Concept

Revealing a New Concept This Month

Mazda has unveiled a mysterious teaser of a potential new sports car that could give a glimpse into the future of the MX-5 Miata. Ahead of the Japan Mobility Show 2023, the car manufacturer disclosed details about its exhibition booth, which will feature a “new concept car intended to embody the theme of the show” as its centerpiece.

The theme in question is “The future created by the ‘love of cars'” which doesn’t necessarily mean the concept is MX-5-related, but given the only reference to it was at the end of a paragraph in the press release devoted to the MX-5s that will be showcased, it appears to be a reasonable assumption. This subject matter is sure to spark interest and discussion, as it touches upon the idea of how our passion for cars can shape the future.

Accompanying the data was a single, shadowy teaser photo of what appears to be a taillight, Mazda logo, and a lower bumper with additional lighting. This image is somewhat familiar, leading us to believe this known concept isn’t actually all that new.

In November of the preceding year, Mazda presented a Vision Study Model in a video depicting what the business would appear to be in 2030. Though it wasn’t a convertible, you could easily spot allusions to the original MX-5 Miata such as pop-up headlights and taillights consisting of two crossing circular lighting fixtures. This appears to be featured in the recent concept teaser, causing us to assume this will be the physical introduction of that notion.

At the moment, Mazda had only provided two short sneak peeks of the Vision Concept Model; however, it solely existed on the internet.

One can definitely assume that Mazda has fashioned a model which could make up the potential of the Miata in an electrified environment. This appears to be truly indicative of the advanced way ahead for the line.

Alongside this fresh notion, Mazda will exhibit the upgraded Miata, to be available beginning in 2024 with a fresh DSC Track mode and an Assymetrical Limited Slip Differential. They are also releasing an edition called the MX-5 SeDV (Self-Empowerment Driving Vehicle), being a Miata decked out with hand controls for motorists with physical limitations.

Mazda is introducing a new generation of Miatas, and accompanying them will be the iconic first-generation (NA) MX-5, which the brand has declared to be “an enduring symbol of Mazda’s original commitment to the joy of driving”. To make sure that young car enthusiasts don’t miss out on the fun, the company has produced a two-thirds scale MX-5 which provides a simulated driving experience.

Additional Mazda models will be exhibited, such as the Mazda2 Bio Idea race automobile motivated by forthcoming bio-diesel.

Turning back to the idea, though we haven’t many exact specifics known, it’s been established that for what’s next the Miata is destined to run electrically in some way. Don’t yet know if this will be a hybrid setup or totally battery powered, yet this concept could give us an inkling of what could be once it’s fully electric.

Between present and the future, Mazda has reassured that an electrified Miata won’t be produced until it can live up to the famous markers of its predecessors – lightweight, economical, and enjoyable. As a daily sporty vehicle, Mazda refuses to relent on characteristics of fun, diminutiveness, and affordability.

It is thought that a significant electric Miata isn’t probable until close to 2035. In the meantime, Mazda’s supervisors have deemed that the ND-gen structure, which is the present model, can still be improved on for many more years and compared these characteristics of the lightweight sportscar to those of the enduring Porsche 911.

Are the fresh ideas a glimpse of what is to come with the next Miata? Perhaps they are merely hypothetical concepts, hinting at what could be down the line 12 years from now. We can get more information when the Japan Mobility Exhibition 2023 starts on October 28th.

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