Richard Hammond Reviews Cars at DriveTribe

Exploring Car Park Event with Former Top Gear Host.

Richard Hammond, recognised star of both past and current car shows – Top Gear and The Grand Tour respectively – not long ago went for a tour of the car park at an event run by automotive aficionados at DriveTribe. Giving his hilariously individual opinion of the series of cars he encountered, it was clear that there were a wide variety of vehicles present.

Hammond highlighted the variety of vehicles present, from regular family cars to luxurious SUVs to modified classics. He expressed his admiration for the broad selection, noting that the inclusive atmosphere meant “all are welcome” irrespective of what they drive.

According to Hammond, the parking lot was “the most varied car park in the world.” During his visit, he noted a “heroically rusty” classic car and some of the more modern models.

Being liberated from his former co-hosts, Clarkson and May, allowed Hammond to impart his genuine sentiments without having to worry about any jabs from his former colleagues. As an example, when he came across a pristine original Volkswagen Beetle, Hammond regretfully lamented how the car had been presented on some of their broadcasts prior. Now, he candidly concedes, “I’m quite fond of Beetles.”

He kept trekking, coming across a conglomeration of plain or excessively decorated Subaru WRX’s. “It’s easy to take issue with the design of a Subaru,” he reflected.

Whereas the vast “car park” houses numerous British classics including a Ford Anglia and Triumph Herald, Hammond’s love for American automobiles shines through as one passes by the inaugural Pontiac Firebird.

Without a doubt, the vehicle provided an allure for Hammond, yet it was the decaying exterior which induced him to jest: “They don’t make corrosion like that anymore!” Not forgetting to mention his own business, he then added that he would be more than excited to provide a repaint for the car.

The notion of spotting a slammed classic Cadillac Coupe DeVille or Lincoln Continental in the United States isn’t exactly shocking, and the same could be surmised of an extravagant modified Rolls Royce. Generally speaking, this 1980s era Rolls Royce sedan (it could be either a Silver Shadow or a Silver Cloud) has earned quite the expansion with its dauntless black surface brilliantly accented by its cherry red interior. The ultra-low suspension, fender expansions, and stripping of chrome are the rich touches that give it the truly intimidating atmosphere.

Hammond remarks, “This car appears to have been constructed with nothing but the thought of ‘Why not?’ in mind. You could ruminate for days and still be uncertain of whether to love or hate it,” before finally labelling the extravagant Rolls Royce “magnificent”.

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