Rimac CEO Claims Luxury Market No Longer Interested in Electric Hypercars

Potential for Rimac’s Future Models to Incorporate Combustion Power Based on Market Demand

The demand for electric hypercars is already declining. CEO Mate Rimac of Rimac revealed this week that customers in the luxury segment are seeking ways to stand out as electric vehicles become more common. They prefer traditional combustion engines and a more classic driving experience, rather than following the trend of the general public.

During this week’s Financial Times Future of the Car Summit, Mate pointed out that significant developments have taken place since Rimac initiated the development of the Nevera around 2017. Although there is a decline in EV sales, consumers globally now have access to much more budget-friendly alternatives compared to a few years back.

Authorities have enforced stringent rules to promote the adoption of electric vehicles, and many car manufacturers have committed to exclusively selling EVs by a certain deadline. However, some are willing to modify these commitments. These regulations are being “forced upon us against our will,” and individuals are feeling “somewhat disgusted by it,” Mate stated, which has resulted in a decrease in the desire for luxury EVs impacting his company.

The Nevera hypercar remains available for purchase. Over 50 vehicles have already been delivered to customers, with the original intention being to manufacture a total of 150 cars.

With decreasing demand and a change in consumer preferences, Rimac hints that the next model after Nevera could potentially incorporate some type of combustion engine.

“Rimac isn’t solely focused on electric vehicles; it’s pursuing whatever is most thrilling at the moment,” he said.

An all-electric vehicle may not be sufficient, but a powerful hybrid could be the solution, which could explain why the successor to the Bugatti Chiron is receiving a unique V-16 hybrid engine. It was disclosed in 2022 that Rimac had begun working on a combustion engine two years before joining forces with Bugatti. The signs were already there.

Source: Autocar


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