Purchase Nevera, Receive Free European Charging for 8 Years

Unlimited Charging at Ionity for Hypercar Owners

The Rimac Nevera is the swiftest vehicle we’ve ever been in. Solely 150 versions of the all-electric supercar will be fabricated and you’ll find it out that investing around $2.1 million in current exchange amounts doesn’t only bring exceptional velocity. If you maneuvre your Nevera in Europe, you’ll also be gifted with free recharging for the initial eight years of possession.

The Croatian producer declared a novel alliance with Ionity, one of the largest suppliers of electric auto (EV) charging centers in Europe. The freshly stipulated agreement between the two entities verifies that purchasers of Revera will get eight years of unbridled and complimentary energizing at all Ionity stations in 24 nations across the continent.

As a recollection, the zero-emissions hypercar has up to 304 miles on the WLTP cycle for its 120-kilowatt-hour battery pack. The EPA in the U.S. states the car has a range of 287 miles. Far more impressive, however, is it can handle up to 500 kilowatts charging, so with one of Ionity’s 350-kW Halo chargers, you can run from 0 to 80% within 25 minutes.

When considering Rimac, one’s thoughts drift towards the renowned strength of the Nevera and its modern, state-of-the-art designs. Initially, however, it was created as a hyper Grand Tourer vehicle as opposed to a strictly race oriented auto. It is therefore an approachable hypercar. By joining forces with Ionity we now have the opportunity to advance this experience even further,” declares Mate Rimac, organizer and CEO of Rimac.

Granting free access to its network of charging stations, Ionity is also going to put in an installation with 6 rechargers at the Rimac Campus by Zagreb which is under construction right now. Open for everyone and visitors to the campus alike, 24/7, extra chargers will be set up following the opening of the site next year.

In conclusion, Rimac has declared that it is looking to recruit up to fifty personnel at its industrial office located at the Rimac Campus. These individuals will augment the present squad of 26 professionals and be taught to handle the Nevera’s carbon fibers. Regardless of current familiarity in the area, job seekers will be assigned to one of three distinct sectors – preparation, spraying, or buffing.

Source: Rimac

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