Rivian Customers to Access Tesla Charging w/ NACS Connector

Lifeline to Aid Rivian’s Challenges and Future Launches

Rivian has just recently declared the incorporation of Tesla’s North American Charging Standard connector into their system. This follows the steps taken by other prominent USA manufacturers such as Ford and General Motors. This is major news that is sure to sway many consumers and have far reaching implications.

Rivian announces that they will provide an adapter for the R1S and R1T, so they can be connected to the Supercharger network for recharging. What’s more, from 2025 onward, NACS ports will come as standard on any new R1 and the upcoming R2 models.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Tesla and are delighted to witness collaborations like this one helping to move the world towards carbon neutrality,” said CEO RJ Scaringe, and he went on to say, “We are eager to continue exploring ways to increase the adoption of electric vehicles.”

This is an evidently intelligent selection for Rivian since Supercharger stations represent approximately 60% of the speedy chargers existing in the US, according to the US Department of Energy. Making EVs like the R1S more effortless to recharge will practically certainly extend their appeal.

Today, an accord was inked between ourselves and @Tesla to embrace the North American Plugging Protocol. This makes the recharging of Rivian automobiles available on Tesla’s Supercharger system across America and Canada. Service begins as early as Spring 2024. https://t.co/Z5SBOFytgy pic.twitter.com/fWOMNtpkYs

It’s a no-brainer as to why CharIN, the Charging Interface Initiative for EVs, has opted to back the universal implementation of the NACS connector – Tesla is allowed to supply electricity to adversaries, and names such as Rivian have the ability to associate themselves with the most prominent and most extensive charging infrastructure globally.

Nevertheless, not all individuals are equipped to make the leap. Despite Ford being the first organization to proclaim this kind of linkage last month and GM promptly behind, for now Stellantis is still cogitating the concept.

“Hyundai is assessing the potential of subscription-based car ownership,” Reuters reported, citing Hyundai president Jaehoon Chang as saying that they will be looking into it “from the customer’s perspective.” Other carmakers around the world are also seeing the potential benefits of this model, and Chang added that they are currently exploring the idea. He noted that Hyundai will be taking the customer’s point of view into consideration before making any decisions.

We certainly have the feeling that Rivian’s timing for this couldn’t have been any better. They’ve made steps forward in quite a few areas of their business, similar to commencing their own charging system for other electric cars, propelling production and creating new models. Nevertheless, customers had become disheartened as the Camp Kitchen, Gear Tunnel and powered tonneau cover of the R1T got delayed or cancelled. Although there is still continued progress in these regards, we feel this public announcement has the capacity to attract buyers more potently than interesting devices and trinkets can.

It appears that Rivian is steadily increasing in popularity, and we are confident it will continue to do so. This prompts the inquiry: which organization will be subsequent to emulate Tesla’s recharging protocol? Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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