Rivian R1T Reaches Customers With Dual Motors and Huge Battery

Range of 352 Miles: Useful Configuration

Rivian’s production rate enhancement is yielding benefits, with stories that the Dual-Motor R1T fitted out with large-scale battery packs have started arriving to patrons; seen across Rivian’s virtual store were numerous trucks tailored with this set up.

Since its inception, the Rivian pickup truck has been presented in just a few options. Yesterday, a Reddit individual announced receiving their new Performance Dual-Motor R1T that they had reserved on August 16th with the bigger battery and finished in Canyon Red paint. Furthermore, what is even more exciting is that the invite-just Rivian online shop reportedly provides over 100 Dual-Motor R1Ts according to a person on the Rivian Forums.

At the R1 shop, Dual-Motor variants of the electric pickup have been available since July. A Rivian spokesperson told Electrek that “within a serviceable area from a Rivian Service Center will get access to R1 Shop where they will be able to browse ready-to-go configurations.” Those who choose to purchase from the shop can expect waiting periods of three to six weeks and prices starting at $70,000.

In one charge, the upgraded R1T with its two motors and bigger battery carries an EPA ranking of 352 miles. When the wheels are set to 22 inches the range drops to 341 miles. The normal Dual-Motor packs 533hp and goes from 0-60mph in a lightning 4.5 seconds, while the Performance Dual-Motor has 665 horsepower and completes the same mission in an astonishing 3.5 secs.

The R1T expands its reach with the upcoming Dual-Motor Max Load lineup, with a range of greater than 400 miles. Outperforming the Ford F-150 Lightning effortlessly, this is an impressive accomplishment for such a significant truck.

Despite Rivian falling short of its production aims for 2022, throughout 2023 the business has seen noteworthy progressions. Last August the EV producer raised its yearly creation conjecture from an original 50,000 to 52,000. The latest influx of Dual-Motor R1Ts appears to endorse that conclusion. As with Tesla, Rivian has selected to build its motors in-house and this has seemed to have beneficial benefits on boosting output. The minutest battery pack will become accessible next year, additional increasing the appeal of the R1T range, and we are expecting news regarding the delivery of Dual-Motor R1S SUVs shortly too.


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