Rivian’s Soft Sand Mode Enhanced By Rally Racing Insights

New OTA Update Brings Additional Features to the Table

Rivian has recently released information regarding a new software update (Version 2024.03.02) for their R1T and R1S vehicles, designed to be delivered over-the-air.

One of the most fascinating updates from Rivian is the enhancement of its Soft Sand Mode, which was developed using valuable insights gained from their triumph at the Rebelle Rally. This victory marked the first time an electric vehicle emerged as the winner, and Rivian utilized all the information acquired during this experience to revamp the driving mode, providing users with greater control and dominance over sandy terrains.To prevent drivers from getting stuck in the sand, Rivian has tweaked the throttle input, ensuring that they don’t dig in when starting off. Additionally, the company has also broadened the range of settings for Ride Height and Ride Feel, enabling drivers to easily navigate through tricky and uneven surfaces. With this updated Soft Sand Mode, conquer any dune like a true king.

The latest release caters not only to avid adventurers, but also offers an extended range of Ride Feel options for the on-road driving modes.

When driving on the road, there are three selectable modes available. The first is Firm, which promises an invigorating and thrilling driving encounter. For a more well-balanced ride and handling, Moderate is the preferred choice, especially when it comes to All-Purpose, Conserve, and Snow settings. Lastly, there is Soft, delivering a tranquil and soothing driving atmosphere. A notable upgrade has been made to Conserve mode, resulting in a smoother ride at lower speeds, minimizing discomfort when navigating speed bumps, potholes, and driveways.

Several additional improvements have been made to the functional aspects of the vehicle, such as an improved notification system for lane-centering when utilizing Highway Assist. Furthermore, the duration in which power outlets remain active has been extended, and the process of connecting to the car’s Wi-Fi hotspot has been simplified to a quick scan of a QR code on the center display.

Changes made:Recent enhancements to the Rivian Mobile application include a fresh alert that notifies you when your car has fully charged at your residence. Furthermore, the application will also relay any incurred idle fees while utilizing Rivian Waypoints or the Adventure Network.Grammar corrected:The latest updates to the Rivian Mobile app feature a new notification system that informs users when their vehicle has completed charging at their home. Additionally, the app will also notify them if they are incurring any idle fees while using Rivian Waypoints or the Adventure Network.

There are several small changes that can enhance your experience as a car owner. For instance, you now have the option to choose which windows you want to deactivate, whereas before Window Locks only locked the rear two windows. Additionally, Rivian has simplified the process of accessing car controls such as Window Locks, Car Wash, and Pet Comfort. Instead of having to search through the infotainment system, you can simply select the Vehicle button located at the top of the access panel and choose from a list of shortcuts. Furthermore, you can even program the car to automatically bring up these Quick Controls when parked.

Rivian took advantage of this opportunity to rectify several glitches in their system, many of which were brought to light through customer feedback.

The latest version is now accessible for all owners of Rivian vehicles to download.

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