Robocop Eyes Teslas’s Cybertruck

Ideal for Policification: Handles Oracle’s Public Safety Suite

Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle and a Tesla shareholder, has declared that he believes the Tesla Cybertruck to be suitable for a new generation of Police cars. After the introduction of the Tesla Model Y, the executive affirmed his belief that the vehicle had what it takes to meet the needs of both police officers and other emergency responders. He likewise shared his vision of what a cyber-cop car could potentially embody.

At Oracle CloudWorld 2023, Ellison presented a virtual representation of the Cybertruck in police version (found at 55:25 in the video below). He described it as ideal, citing that its on-board computing capability with continuous internet connectivity for keeping track of situations, accumulating data, plus connecting to a control center makes the vehicle perfect for this purpose.

Oracle’s vision for the future—Larry Ellison keynote | Oracle CloudWorld 2023

According to Ellison, the Cybertruck is well-equipped for this purpose given its advanced Tesla touchscreen display. Moreover, built-in cameras may provide other policemen or first responders with an equivalent outlook as the personnel working onsite.

Ellison stated that Tesla’s pick-up truck could be a potential way to safeguard police personnel. Furthermore, he highlighted the necessity of swiftness for law enforcement officers, affirming his point with the current tendencies demonstrated by departments in choosing muscle cars such as the Chevrolet Camaro or the Ford Mustang.

In Ellison’s own words, “Our new police car is coming out soon and it’s my favorite car. Actually, it’s Elon’s favorite too! It’s incredible; I don’t know much about it, but I do know that it’s very safe, very fast, and has a stainless steel body.”

“As a side note,” Oracle CEO Larry Ellison remarked during a speech, “we have already rolled out our police car model based on the Ford Explorer. It gets the tech I described, but we had to modify it a bit to give it a ‘Tesla-like’ screen and exterior cameras.”

Transforming the Cybertruck into a similar entity will no longer necessitate the level of effort the firm devoted to its Public Protection Suite program, as it already owns the mandatory technology. The top executive did not state this in so many words, yet this could also bring monetary benefits to the business concerned with manufacturing costs.

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