RUF Revives Historical Ford GT40

For Sale: A Deal Too Good to Miss!

One of the most iconic and memorable race cars in car history, which was portrayed in Ford v Ferrari, is about to become available for purchase. Thirty road-legal versions, out of which one has undergone a restoration by renowned Porsche professional RUF, are up for auction on Mecum Kissimmee in Florida, taking place from January 2nd to 14th 2022.

This vehicle is a road-going edition of the initial GT40. Its bodied are softer than those featured on further racing models, with a lack of air intakes found on the ceiling and no side scoops situated at the back of the side windows. The dark blue hue is an optimal choice since it brings up memories of the classic Gulf Blue paint scheme from the racecar, without replicating that renowned color.

The posting concerning the sale at auction made reference to an overhaul accomplished by RUF with photographic evidence. Piquing our curiosity, we immediately reached out to the firm for further information due to the solid association of RUF with Porsche, including such iconic vehicles as the CTR Yellowbird.

“[RUF] certainly did bring back to life that GT40 in 1996 for one of their special customers,” a representative for the company stated to Motor1. “In fact, they refurbished all the vehicles belonging to the same person. While it is rather uncommon, RUF can restore cars outside of the Porsche brand if a customer wishes it.”

The interior is just as gripping. This car is a right-hand driving model, yet the transmission lever is located on the correct side of the motorist amongst the chair and the door, instead of what usually would be anticipated in the center. We query whether this formation makes getting behind the wheel problematic.

The instrument panel looks like it’s straight out of a racing vehicle. The tachometer is conveniently located just behind the driving wheel, which makes perfect sense for a competition-ready automobile. The gauges, such as the oil pressure and water temperature indicators, are situated closely to it. On the opposite side, the speedometer appears to be placed far over on the left side, seemingly as an afterthought.

Strength is derived from a Ford 289-cubic-inch V8. The engine bay exudes elegance with the two rows of dazzling velocity stacks perfectly perched above the Weber carburetors. The ebony exhaust pipes twist and turn around the motor akin to a bundle of vipers. It comes with a five-speed manual transmission.

For roughly three decades, this GT40 was held onto by an earlier owner. At some time in the past, it was owned by Umberto Maglioli, a racer who had a history of competing for the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One team during the 1950s.

This GT40 flaunts only 13,442 miles and stands out with the inclusion of a copy of its unique build sheet. We couldn’t be more excited to witness the bidding at this auction for this rare ride!

Source: Mecum Auctions

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