RUF SCR: Porsche 911 Owners Beware!

First $1M Car to Arrive in US: Only 70 Built

Months following their arrival at an exclusive race circuit in Miami, RUF Automobiles has released the debut U.S. model of the SCR.

The RUF SCR concept is rooted in the Porsche 911 993 generation, although there is a fundamental difference with others. As opposed to most ‘tuners’, RUF is recognized as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) instead and grants its vehicles unique VIN’s that reflect their categorisation. In constructing this SCR, no 993 donor vehicle was necessary.

Yet again, the focus turns to the marvelous RUF SCR clad in Ivory White. It is truly remarkable since it possess a body which closely resembles the 993 but has been exclusively crafted from carbon fiber. This modern mechanism owes much of its genesis to the innovative engineering from RUF, who designed an entirely new carbon fiber monocoque chassis. As such, this architecture serves as the foundation for not only the SCR, but also the highly acclaimed CTR Anniversary – a homage to the legendary Yellowbird of yesterday.

The level-six is a Mezger-constructed design, however, RUF administers all its own molding efforts. This is why the details will have all Porsche aficionados in a delirium of anticipation.

The four-litre engine (evenly 4,000 cc) cranks out 503 horsepower at 8,270 revolutions per minute and delivers 347 lb-ft of torque at 5,760 rpm. This motor is designed to be exerted, and luckily the driver is in the heart of the action with a six-gear manual gearbox.

As demonstrated by RUF, the SCR attains a velocity of 0-62 mph in a speedy 3.4 seconds and 124 mph at an impressive 11.9 second time frame. Reaching its peak speed at an incredible 200 mph, the SCR weighs just 2,756 pounds, making it 415 lbs heavier than the Mazda Miata. Its perfect power-to-weight ratio gives it the edge over the Miata when intense performance is a must.

If you regard the SCR to be an excessive vehicle for your needs, be comforted by its carbon ceramic brakes. And just in the off-chance that you bump the roof of your RUF, a built-in protective cage made from high-intensity, lightweight steel is summoned as standard.

Within, the predominant shades are a subdued hue of black and also grey. For some extra color, there is red contrast stitching, while the seat inserts evoke memories of the early 90’s. Its great but not as stunning as the cabin of RUF’s Off-Road Rodeo Theme. We are eager to find out how long it will take RUF to fabricate a production-ready 911 Safari vehicle.

The Ivory White may not be everybody’s preference, however we really appreciate how it brings out the contours of the SCR. Additionally, the white creates a terrific complement to the red stripe at the back of the car as well as its reddish brake calipers.

Only 70 unique SCRs will be developed, with an estimated cost of nearly $1 million. The possibilities for personalization are vast, so it is believed all vehicles assembled will come with significantly higher prices than this. If this was something of interest to you, unfortunately it is already too late – the entire output has been reserved and RUF won’t disclose how many are reaching U.S. shores.

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