ry 2023 CarBuzz Awards Finalists: Track Beasts

Finalists: Pony Car, Supercar, Sports Sedan

This year, we’ve had the opportunity to experience a plethora of powerful performance cars in the year 2023. Although multiple models have been unveiled or declared, the CarBuzz Awards’ Track Weapon class zeroes in on those sporty rides that we had the privilege of taking out on the circuit. Last year saw three finalists—the BMW M4 CSL, the Audi R8 GT, and the Toyota GR Corolla Morizo Edition—with the latter clinching it. Fast forward to now, we’ve had our fair share of snazzy athletic autos in 2023. Multiple models have been presented or declared, yet the CarBuzz Awards’ Track Weapon category concentrates on those stirring motors that we’ve tried out on the track. Last year’s winners were the BMW M4 CSL, the Audi R8 GT, and the Toyota GR Corolla Morizo Edition. Ultimately, the Audi took it home.

Contemplating our competitors for the current year, we examined the Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition, BMW M2, Nissan Z Nismo, Acura Integra Sort S, and Ferrari SF90 Spider.

Not one of these gained the honor of top ranking. Listed randomly, illustrated below are vehicles that did.

Despite being a hybrid vehicle, the McLaren Artura impressively weighs only 3,303 pounds, just a bit more than a Civic Type R. This was very noticeable during our travels in the supercar, conclusively permitting us to decide that although the 671 horsepower is vigorous, the way the Artura deals with this power is sophisticated perfection.

opNavigating twisty back roads or powering around a race track, its steering is wonderfully precise and creates a strong sense of confidence. Acceleration is just as lively and enjoyable; the whole experience is effortless and feels pleasantly natural.

Featuring a potent powerplant, a supple yet sophisticated chassis, and bountiful grip, the Artura is a car that you just can’t stop driving – no matter what your surroundings may be. That’s why it stands out as a finalist.

The Ford Mustang Dark Horse certainly stands apart from the Artura in many ways, yet remains just as thrilling to take out on the road. Equipped beneath the bonnet is a reinvigorated 5.0-litre Coyote V8, now boasting an impressive 500 horsepower. Additional features include beefed-up brakes, upgraded tyres, MagneRide shock absorbers, and a more agreeable manual transmission that can handle rough handling with ease. Complimenting these benefits are an auxiliary engine cooler, a rear axle cooler, air ducted brakes and an improved radiator, granting you the assurance to push it further for longer.

We discovered the auto to possess outstanding traction and a continuing force strip that instigates driving at full force. The Dark Horse is constructed to be approachable yet stimulating, and can ingest consistent misuse, inviting you to push it further with each lap. It may still bear imperfections as any automobile does, yet for its cost, few pieces can engender such delights.

BMW M vehicles have ceased to be the epitome of excellence. Bavaria has chosen to reserve its leading concepts for its CS models, likely in a somewhat jaundiced manner, nonetheless, one cannot dispute their results. A similar pattern was seen with the M5 and using only two tiny letters, the M3 has managed to supersede itself.

Despite distributing its 543 horsepower to all four wheels, no other current 4-door M car can match the skillfulness and agility in the driving experience, excluding the M5 CS. Its potency is more than capable, interactively informative, prompt, and surprisingly user-friendly – lastly due to the far-reaching capacity given by the 10-traversability control and adjustable AWD system.

Despite its costliness and having four doors, the BMW M3 CS is a car that both rookies and experienced drivers alike will be smitten with. When it comes to vehicles that can enthrall motorists of all capability levels while still being un-compromised, few can hold a candle to it.

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