Saleen: 40 Years, 800-HP Mustang Limited Edition

Just 10 Speedsters at $142k Each.

Saleen Automotive has unveiled the SA-40 Edition, a limited-run speed demon constructed upon the foundation of the Ford Mustang GT, to commemorate forty years since the establishment of the business.

Following the disclosure of the SA-35 in 2018, its more powerful sibling, the SA-40 has been unveiled. Allegedly boasting a whopping 800 horsepower output, Saleen has however yet to remark on such claims and we await further news from them. Nevertheless, judging from Ford Muscle’s report, owners can look forward to specially designed rims, Racecraft suspension, and Saleen brakes as part of this upgrade package. It should be noted that the rumoured SA-40 exclusive wheels appear to be matching those found on the 302 Black Label model which serves as the basis for this latest one.

Yet notwithstanding, there are numerous more details to absorb than simply 20-inch rims.

Typically, all insignias of Ford and Mustang have been expunged from the vehicle, along with notable changes to the body. The front fascia now includes multiple dark accents and noteworthy vents close to the car’s wheels. For the hood, there is an ample scoop included. Adjustments to the side skirts are also present while the backside showcases a blackened area around the tail lamps, a novel rear bumper that consists of vents plus innovated exhaust tips, and lastly a spoiler that has enormous size compared to normal.

The highlight of the Mustang is definitely its tonneau cover, as it grants it a real classic speedster feel and contains genuine carbon fiber roll bar. It’s also quite convenient that you’re able to get rid of it if ever you require added capacity in the rear seats. That being said, taking into consideration how much this is priced at, we’d assume most proprietors might rather use another car when needing extra passenger space. But let’s not jump ahead just yet.

The last aspect to cover when it comes to the look of this vehicle is the color. It is called Saleen Speedlab Yellow and is defined by the company as “a metallic/pearl yellow that explodes in the sun.” If this color is too bold for you, then you may want to look for a different car, as this is the only shade available for the entire production run.

“It’s a limited edition,” said Saleen Automotive CEO Steve Saleen. “We’re only making 10 of these cars, and the base asking price is set at $142,000. But the first one, which will be used to raise awareness for cancer research through Cruise for a Cause sweepstakes, will be sold for considerably less. Just take a look at those embroidered headrests!”

Just donate and you could be the fortunate champion! If you acquire it at the right cost, you can paint it in whichever hue you desire. Possibly you may even add some really one-of-a-kind rims.

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