Ultimate Performance for Less: Saleen’s 302 Yellow Label Mustang with 745-HP Under $80K

Unbeatable Power: The Top Performer in the Under $80,000 Car Market

Saleen has recently revealed a fresh version of their popular 302 muscle vehicle, derived from the iconic Mustang. This latest addition to their fleet is known as the Yellow Label, and although it may seem modest in name and appearance, don’t be fooled. Underneath the unassuming exterior lies a powerful 5.0-liter V8 engine that churns out an impressive 745 horsepower and 610 lb-ft of torque. And the best part? Its price tag of $79,900 is more than enticing.

It cannot be denied that this car comes with a hefty price tag, but we are hard pressed to come up with another vehicle that provides such an impressive amount of power for a comparable cost. This immense power is the result of multiple enhancements to the engine. Saleen enhances the Coyote V8 by adding a supercharger, low-pressure drop intercoolers, a Saleen Performance throttle controller, 39-pound fuel injectors, and a high-performance air filter and induction system, among other modifications to the engine.

What is a muscle car without its characteristic growling sound? To add to the overall appeal, a high-performance exhaust system with stainless-steel quad exhaust tips has been installed in the Yellow Label, ensuring that it not only looks impressive but also sounds just as powerful.

The White Label derivative, in contrast, does not include a supercharger or induction system. However, it comes at a lower price point of $61,900 and still delivers a commendable 510 horsepower.

Returning to the Yellow Label, power is sent to the back axle through a six-speed manual gearbox (complete with a synchronized short shifter), as the deities of speed intended. For an added cost, a ten-speed automatic can be chosen.

The Mustang offers great handling thanks to its Racecraft Specific Rate Front and Rear Springs. However, for those looking for an even tighter-handling experience, adjustable coilover suspension can also be requested upon purchase. On the other hand, for those who prefer a Mustang designed specifically for the track, the Dark Horse is a more affordable option, coming in at almost $20,000 less.

The intermediate Yellow Label features 20-inch five-spoke Laguna wheels fitted with high-performance tires measuring 275/35 in the front and 305/30 in the back. The front wheels are equipped with four-piston calipers and 13.9-inch slotted rotors, while the rear has vented rotors measuring 13 inches.

Despite its impressive performance, the Saleen 302 Yellow Label maintains a surprisingly understated appearance. It features a revamped front end, complete with an integrated splitter, the iconic Saleen front grille, and a new hood equipped with a muscular performance vent, giving the Mustang a touch of controlled danger.

Similar to its White Label counterpart, the Black Label also boasts a high downforce rear wing, rear bumper diffuser, and the iconic Saleen center taillight panel. Unless you pay close attention, it may be difficult to distinguish this powerful beast from its less formidable sibling, except for the addition of side skirts with glossy accents. If you truly want to make a statement among other Mustang owners, we highly recommend opting for the 800-hp Black Label.

There are multiple choices available, however customers of Saleen will be satisfied to discover that all the formidable power and impressive capabilities come with a reassuring three-year/36,000-mile restricted warranty. With this information, the only decision left to make is between the aforementioned option and the Hennessey H850, which is based on the Dark Horse platform and boasts a whopping 850 horsepower.

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