SEMA: Mopar Ram 2500 Concept Revealed

This Thing is Serious.

This year Mopar is making a splash at the SEMA show with its concept Ram 2500. Unveiled today, two images of the pickup showcase some neat modifications. As an in-house aftermarket provider, Mopar has been coming up with fantastic customizations for Jeep, Dodge, and Ram vehicles for a long time. Before this, it presented an electrified ’60s Dodge Charger, and now the new concept promises to be even more impressive.

Stellantis loves being cryptic with its teasers, and this one follows suit. The description only says, “It’s a beast that leads the way as a daily workhorse and thrives as a weekend adventurer.” So what could it be? Based on the Ram 2500, could we be looking at a hopped-up Power Wagon or something a bit different? We’ll just have to wait and see.

The initialview introduces you to a low-angle snapshot of the truck. Your attention is immediately diverted to the red two hooks and the WARN winch situated between them, suggesting this must be some form of Power Wagon model with optional trim. The powder-coated bumpers and unique grille further corroborate this assumption. Brightly lit headlights emphasize the light bar perched atop the windshield, guaranteeing adequate illumination of any dark track ahead.

“The second image gives us a better look at the truck, with a rear quarter view. It’s clear to see that the name ‘2500’ has been printed on the side in a unique graphic style, as if it was overlaid onto a topographical map with contour lines. Additionally, gold graphics can be seen on the door, giving the truck an interesting construction/Tonka Truck vibe.”

A trace of rubber can be spotted on what appear to be wheels suitable for beadlock rims. Additionally, the bed appears to contain a rack system, possibly set up to hold fuel containers, recuperation boards, and other such objects; however, it is difficult to ascertain precisely.

Perhaps a tent might be featured, or perhaps its design will include one-of-a-kind side storage compartments similar to what the Ram 1500 Backcountry X Concept gave us a glimpse of last year. That concept brought forth the RamPack system that enhanced the capacity of the side cargo bin by an additional 12.3 cubic feet – certainly something pretty helpful. We would sincerely hope to witness the concept be developed further.

Last year, Mopar continued to focus on the 1500 model; hence it is gratifying to witness it devoting some attention to its aging predecessor this year. The SEMA convention will take place from October 31st to November 3rd in Las Vegas and one could be certain that Mopar has prepared distinctly noticeable options available as always.

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