Six-Wheeled Ranger: 8,377 Pound Payload Boost

282 Hp Boosted with Electric Motor

In case Ford Ranger’s abilities prove to be insufficient, Ricardo provides a possible resolution in the form of their newly introduced HEX system. This notable improvement involves adding an additional axle to the pickup truck, thus significantly enhancing its capacity for carrying loads.

Ricardo set out to enhance the Ford Ranger HEX 6×6 with a bigger payload capacity as well as superior off-road competency. The revamped pickup can carry a huge 8,377 pounds (3,800 kilograms), which is an impressive addition to the truck’s ordinary 1,905-lb weight rating. It even beats the F-150’s traditional 3,325-lbs capability.

The shift employs a De Deion rear configuration which, according to Ricardo, is both light-weight and sturdy. This design can self disengage the suspension and propulsion systems, permitting enhanced versatility. Variants of the drive structure may either be adopted or removed while a less costly 6×4 version remains an option with no reduction in the vehicle’s carry burden thanks to a “leisurely” axle.

Ricardo formulated the HEX Ranger’s hybrid system to reduce any stunt in performance even when burdensome consignments are being transported. The electric propulsion lends supplemental thrust, while all of the high-voltage constituents are ensconced Adroitly and neatly in one box-like a covering for irreproachable upkeep and maintenance. What is moreover, the regenerative braking refills the power supply when slowing-down.

The sourced electric drive unit from Ford provides an additional 282 horsepower (210 kW) to the vehicle. The Blue Oval engine also features a 3.0-liter V6 diesel which offers 249 hp (186 kW).

Ricardo created the HEX system as an extra attachment for the Ranger, needing no modifications to the base vehicle. It is possible for users to de-assemble and set up the device on different automobiles without reducing the base vehicle’s inherent condition.

Ricardo is an engineering consulting business which works in a range of industries, from the public domain to modes of transportation, money-related services, utilities and manufacture, plus automotive. There are likewise projects that involve motorsports, motorbikes, commercial cars, passenger vehicles and high performance engines.

McLaren made news in May by informing the public that Ricardo would design their new hybrid V8 powertrain. The engineering firm has been developing power units for the 12C since 2011 and so far they have created 34,000 engines for this prestigious British auto manufacturer.

This week, Ford electrified the popular pickup (Europe’s number one commercial truck), the Ranger – launching its first-ever plug-in hybrid powertrain. Deliveries of this dedicated PHEV are scheduled to commence in 2025, featuring a highly efficient 2.3-liter system and an estimated range of approximately 28 miles on a single charge.

Source: Ricardo

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