Sneak Peek: Revamped Rolls-Royce Ghost Exudes Sophistication, Hints at Spectre Inspiration

Sleek Spectre elements remain, V12 engine stays put.

Our team of CarBuzz spies have successfully captured a prototype of the updated Rolls-Royce Ghost during its chilly weather trials in Sweden. Although the vehicle was heavily disguised at the front, we can still make out that, as per tradition with Rolls-Royce facelifts, the visual updates will be subtle. The iconic Pantheon grille, for instance, seems to be remaining unchanged with its illuminated design.

The most noticeable alterations in appearance can be seen in the lighting components, as both the front and rear lights have received subtle updates that retain their overall look while still appearing fresh. This refresh should provide a more contemporary aesthetic while maintaining the sophistication of the current model.

Identifying the latest iteration of the Ghost from its previous version may pose a task for those who don’t frequently encounter the base model Rolls-Royce. However, once the alterations are highlighted, they become hard to disregard. The previous basic rectangular headlights have been revamped, with a slimmer design on the inner side.

The front bumper displays minor changes, although there is noticeable mesh placed between the headlights and lower intake grille, hinting at a revamped design in this specific region. Moving towards the rear, the taillights showcase a pair of vertical LED strips on each side, aligning the overall look with the all-electric Spectre model.

Internally, there are anticipated alterations that will be relatively inconsequential, the most significant of which is predicted to be the implementation of the company’s most recent infotainment platform, first seen in the Spectre model. While resembling a repackaged version of the BMW iDrive system, this should not be deemed unfavorable.

Beneath its sleek exterior, the updated Ghost is anticipated to stick with its massive 6.75-liter V12 motor instead of converting to electric power. As per usual, it will likely boast slightly enhanced fuel efficiency and emissions ratings, though these factors are not a top priority for most buyers compared to the multitude of customization choices available. As evidenced by this particular prototype, the Spectre’s distinctive Chartreuse green paint job is one such option.

It remains uncertain when the revamped Ghost will make its appearance, but considering that the current version has been in existence since 2020, it is anticipated that a debut will occur within the later part of this year or early next. It is expected that a Black Badge edition of the Ghost will subsequently follow in the following year.

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