South African GR Sport Cruiser: Bulletproofed

Total Weight of B4 Armor Package: 772 lbs.

SVI Engineering, a renowned armoring corporation of South Africa, has recently unveiled its latest B4 furtive armor platter for the Toyota Land Cruiser 300. This follows on the heals of the 2020 B6 LC300 installation which is resistant to AK-47 bullets.

“Having taken delivery of one of the very first Land Cruiser 300s to enter the South African market back in 2021, our development process has been nothing short of rigorous,” declared SVI Business Development Director Nicol Louw. “Now, we are proud to announce that this new package provides protection against handguns up to a .44 Magnum, making it the ideal anti-hijack solution. Applied to the Japanese brand’s menacing GR Sport derivative, this is the first example of our further-improved Level B4 solution.”

This research involves testing the effects of shooting at various objects. The SVI personnel often share videos of their attempts to hit random targets, such as when they take an AK-47 to a brake rotor.

Enhancements on the previous B4 versions incorporate sealings around all entryways, front and back windscreens, as well as any other windows. This allows SVI to minimize any imperfections. Furthermore, 0.8-inch ballistic glass has been utilised in place of the original.

SVI’s strategy is to utilize a combined approach involving correctly trimmed and fixed Kevlar at the primary regions and slim armored-steel plates in highly exposed places like those mentioned. In effect, the 300 now provides full safety, thus when an opportunist carjacker attempts to rob you at gunpoint, you can inform him of what you consider him.

Weighing in at only 772 pounds, the aforementioned enhancements to the ladder-frame SUV pose no difficulty for it. Moreover, an upgraded suspension, more efficient brakes or additional robust door hinges are rendered unnecessary.

The fees remain reasonably priced. The B4 plan, generally speaking, runs at around $41,000, with the B6 shield package putting forward defensive cover from assault rifles, such as R1, R5 and AK47, a slightly steeper blow at about $56,000. This is theoretically decent value, and SVI can even convert your new Ford Ranger into a rolling citadel underneath $30,000.

Different choices are attainable, for example, B4 security on the ceiling and floor, a PA system, tough run-flat tires, and a high-end seat transformation package.

Despite the lack of the LC300 in the USA, the 300 still has a substantial number of features, even without the luxury package included. It arrives specced with basic amenities that you’d find with the Lexus LX. Unfortunately, it appears that the full-size Land Cruiser destined for the US has gone down a completely different route, leaving the LX to fill the gap that the LC300 would have filled originally.

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