Spotted: Next-Gen Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain

New Generation of Rugged E-Class Wagon

The cutting-edge Mercedes Benz E-Class All-Terrain brings the wagon configuration into the future with its modified and boosted suspension system. Here is a series of spied images giving us a sneak peek of the upcoming eminence of the lofty-riding estate.

Beginning with the impending launch of the E-Class station wagon, the All-Terrain is versed in black plastic shielding encircling the wheel arches. The ground clearance seems to have been raised slightly but not as much as one could anticipate. On the other hand, its predecessor boasted an air suspension feature and if present once more in the planned model, then drivers may be able to decrease its heightsetting.

The rest of the automobile is adorned with plenty of exterior panels, most noticeable in the back. Further trimming can be found close to the fuel flap and along the edges of the bumper.

On the inside, we don’t anticipate huge discrepancies from other editions of the new E-Class. It comes with three digital displays that span the dashboard. Advanced technology includes a camera for video chat via Zoom or Webex when the auto is stationary. Additionally, its Active Ambient Lighting changes the interior illumination according to the beat of music. The All-Terrain version may get some one-of-a-kind features such as the roll and pitch meter from the previous model.

The drivetrain of the newly introduced E-Class All-Terrain is still not known. Mercedes is incorporating hybrid powertrains into its latest offerings, thereby prompting the belief that this one too may be outfitted with some form of electrification.

In the United States, the prior rendition is fitted with a turbocharged 3.0 liters inline-six along with an integrated starter-generator. It delivers an output of 362 horsepower combined with 369 pound-feet of torque. Nine-speed automatic transmission is used to pass on the energy to a 4WD system, and there are exclusive Offroad plus Offroad Plus settings.

This coming spring should mark the debut of Mercedes’ new E-Class and they anticipate its availability in stores prior to the end of the yr. At this time, there is no word on the timing for when the Wagon will premier, if at all, with the sedan. It is presumed that the All-Terrain variant may drop at a later date; enabling the company to build momentum for their fresh models.

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