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Successful SUV: 600-670 hp
Mercedes Erlkönig EQG * elektrische G-Klasse * electric G-Class * 4K SPY VIDEO

Over half a year has gone by since we had the chance to experience the electric Mercedes-Benz EQG. Nonetheless, we anticipate the launch of the SUV towards the close of this year and an exciting new video demonstrates the expected model carrying on with testing complete in a full covering of dark coloring.

The draperies mask the grille and other ornamental elements, yet Mercedes can’t obscure the square molded plan that has been a trademark of this model since its initiation. The energized G-Class should take motivation from the EQG Idea uncovered at the 2021 Munich Engine Show. We don’t anticipate that the generation rendition should enormously wander from the idea’s general styling.

The video doesn’t successfully portray the cabin, but if the pattern serves as any indication, it should be identical to the present generation G-Class. During our ride-along last year, Mercedes had concealed the inside, which appeared to remain untouched. The insides of the G-Class are decked out with a pair of 12.3 screens that work as the digital instrument panel and the entertainment display.

The EQG will employ an identical ladder-frame structure, with four electric motors linked up to the wheels. It is conjectured that this powertrain creates somewhere in the vicinity of 600 and 670 horses yet there has been no confirmation provided. The battery size remains vague too, though there is talk about the model providing a maximum of310 miles on a charge.

Mercedes is embracing a fresh range-enhancing technology by Sila Nanotechnologies. Introduced as Titan Silicon, this battery stuff is vaunted to extend up to 20 percent farther and fortify charging accelerations. Desiring its electric vehicle battery technology to be just beneath a million automobiles by 2028, Sila is looking onward with optimism.

Prior to the close of the year, the new EQG should be made public. Mercedes will also unveil a refurbished edition of the gasoline-powered G-Class with both versions likely adorning some chic styling on the inside as well as exterior.

It seems that Mercedes may not call its electric G-Wagen the EQG after all. According to reports recently, the car brand purported to be moving away from the EQ tag for their initial electrified auto type – the G-Class. Vehicle not belonging to this lineup won’t have the sub-brand branding, as they are set to become a cornerstone of the company’s portfolio. Notwithstanding, Mercedes is dedicated to maintain the tag for other goods and services, such as the electric vehicle charging network.

No exact timeline has been revealed as to when the debut of the EQG will be, however, it is anticipated to occur prior to the close of the year. Though, sales likely won’t commence until late 2024 at the earliest and if the model is made available in the US, may possibly be even later.

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