Spy Shots Reveal Upcoming Aston Martin V12 Super-GT, Hinting at DBS Replacement

Prediction: V12 to Continue as Top Choice

Aston Martin has been causing a stir in the automotive world with its significantly enhanced DB12 grand tourer and Vantage sports car. But the automaker isn’t stopping there, and is now working on completing their collection with their highly anticipated supercar. This will come in the form of the powerful V12 engine, which will be featured in the Aston Martin DBS – a model that our undercover photographers have recently captured testing on the road for the very first time.

The flagship Aston Martin model, which was previously planned to have a mid-engine layout but has since been cancelled, may now bear the Vanquish moniker as it retains its front-engine design. This car is expected to utilize the same platform as the DB12, however, one major alteration could be a V12 engine under the hood.

The DB11 770 may have retired its name, but it never truly said goodbye to its powerful 12-cylinder engine. This beast boasts a 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12, churning out an impressive 759 horsepower and 663 lb-ft of torque. A formidable foundation for any high-performance vehicle.

It is highly probable that the transmission used in the DBS and Vanquish will remain unchanged, thus there is little possibility for a significant increase in torque. However, we do anticipate a boost in power to better equip Aston in their competition against Ferrari’s new 812 Superfast successor, one of three upcoming models from Maranello set to debut in 2024. A maximum output of 800 horsepower appears quite feasible.

In order to better manage its immense power, modifications will be made to the suspension, braking system, and aerodynamics, as evidenced by the prominent rear diffuser. Aston Martin has demonstrated its ability to extensively revamp previous models, giving them a fresh feel, and the DBS will certainly have its own unique character, even in comparison to the DB12 from which it takes its foundations.

Similar to the DB12 and Vantage, the upcoming Aston Martin supercar will feature vertically angled headlights and prominent air vents on the front fenders. The signature large front grille, hood vents, understated front spoiler, and integrated trunk spoiler will also make an appearance. Additionally, a staggered wheel arrangement, four exhaust tips, and a full-width LED light strip are expected to be included in the design.

The successor to the DBS is set to make its debut in the summer, potentially overshadowing Koenigsegg and Porsche at Monterey Car Week. In the meantime, we have a limited time frame to witness the removal of the camouflage and see the specifications come to light.

We will continue to update you.

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