Steeda’s F-150: Cop-Ready & Ruthlessly Styled

The Police’s Need for an Off-Road Truck

Ford Motor Company has long been a frontrunner when it comes to police-related vehicles, most notably the Interceptor Explorer. Recently though, they have yet to produce an F-150 for law enforcement purposes. Enter, Steeda, and their Special Service package for a police-intended F-150 pickup truck. Primarily geared towards departments located in outlying regions of the country, this is certainly an exciting new innovation from the brand that we have previously seen deliver cop-spec Explorers as well as rad Mustangs!

The truck’s suspension and chassis upgrades include a Ford Performance front and rear lowering kit, with an optional Fox 4WD off-road levelling kit, a Steeda-manufactured 4WD adjustable 1-1/8 rear sway bar, as well as a Steeda Truck Performance Alignment. Under the bonnet, car owners can select between the 2.7- or 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost units (matched to the factory-standard 10-speed automated transmission), all aided by a Steeda intercooler that provides up to 15 horsepower extra, in addition to S&B cold air intake filters which also raise power and torque.

Introducing the Steeda Special Service F-150! | (4K)

Steeda stresses that its system can be calibrated for either 87 or 93-octane fuel ratings. Obviously, this provokes more velocity, though particulars were not given. There is likewise a collection of 22×10 gloss black Velgen Wheels with Nitto NT420V high performance tires for improved grip on both wet and dry roads, and it also comprises of Ford Performance Mustang/F-150 TPMS Sensors with an activation toolkit plus a shiny , chromed lug nut kit from the company.

.This truck, pictured here, began its journey as a 6.5-foot bed XL 2WD. Additionally, Steeda offers custom F-150 packages that are tailored to suit any department’s requirements. 4WDs can be improved with a range of modifications such as lift kits, all-terrain tires, increased ground clearance and optimized entry/departure angles – so law enforcement can pursue suspects on dirt roads.

The cost of the parts is detailed on the firm’s site. The air spring lowering kit, e.g., retails for $429.95 while the Fox 4WD leveler (specifically designed for 2015-2020 model year trucks) is priced at $1,459.95. Moreover, each component is guaranteed through a lasting lifetime warranty.

Although Steeda has not explicitly stated that they won’t offer these upgrades to non-police customers, impersonating law enforcement is a criminal offence. But that doesn’t mean that people can’t modify their personal F-150s with upgrades like these. It is just advised that they don’t label their truck with “Sheriff”.

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