Stolen Kia Blunders Into Sinkhole, Ignoring Closed Road Signs

Thief Drives Stolen Kia Into Disaster After Removing Sign on the Road

The distorted and burnt remnants of a compact car can be observed in the photo above, and it happens to be a Kia Spectra 5. It may be challenging to discern its identity due to the unfortunate event that led to its condition – a reckless individual who disregarded warning signs and barricades drove the vehicle into a sinkhole caused by a landslide on a closed portion of Sandlake Road in Oregon, causing it to flip over and catch fire.

Based on the information available, it appears that this particular Kia was targeted by mischievous joyriders. As reported on the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page on Monday, the vehicle was taken from its owner’s residence in the early hours of January 21. The precise time of the accident is unclear, but the Sheriff’s Office received a report around 8:00 am about a car that had flipped over and caught fire at the specified location. Upon reaching the scene, officials noticed that the road-closed sign and barrier had been removed. No individuals were present with the car, so there is currently no information on any potential injuries.

According to the Sheriff’s office, the Kia’s proprietor resides approximately five miles away from the location of the accident. The individual phoned the authorities roughly an hour after the collision to disclose that their car had been stolen, essentially discovering the destiny of their Spectra. Law enforcement states that an ongoing inquiry is being conducted regarding both the crash and the theft.

According to recent reports, car theft continues to be a prevalent issue in various regions. However, in Tillamook County, there appears to be a persistent problem with individuals removing road-closed signs and barriers. This is particularly concerning considering the county’s location on the western coast, where landslides are common. It is difficult to understand why anyone would disregard these warnings. In an effort to gain further insight into this matter, we reached out to the Sheriff’s office for additional information. The idea of joyriding on closed roads in an area prone to landslides and situated next to the ocean is beyond our comprehension. Additionally, the fact that a Kia Spectra was stolen only adds to the perplexity of the situation.

In the event that we discover new details, we will provide you with an updated report. However, if you have plans to go for a drive on Sandlake Rd in Tillamook County for the beautiful scenery, it would be best to reconsider. The repairs are set to commence by the end of this month and are not expected to be completed until March.

Source: Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook

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