Kia EV6 Light: Long Range & Big Battery at Affordable Price

EV6 Light: Starting at $45,950 (RWD), $49,850 (AWD)

Kia is presenting a novel trim grade for their 2024 EV6 to attain the highly sought-after equilibrium between range and affordability.

A recently-obtained order guide from Cars Direct reveals that two new EV6 Light Long Range variants – one with rear-wheel drive and one with all-wheel drive – could result in a discount of up to $2,750 on the Kia EV6 equipped with the larger 77.4-kWh battery pack. On being contacted by InsideEVs, a representative from Kia America confirmed the accuracy of this data.

Good news for purchasers awaits: Slotting in between the EV6’s Light and Wind trims, the Kia EV6 Light Long Range for 2024 carries a base MSRP of $45, 950 before freight charges, dropping it $2,750 below the starting cost of the EV6 Wind which is equipped with the same battery pack and begins at $48,700.

The EV6 Light Extended Range model will set you back $45,950, representing an increase of $3,350 over the cost of the standard-range EV6 Light trim that begins at $42,600 and includes the smaller 58-kWh battery.

The 2024 Kia EV6 Light standard variant yield an EPA projected range of 232 miles, as the EV6 Wind RWD arrangement has been appraised at 310 miles. Logically, the fresh out of the box new EV6 Light Long Range RWD trim ought to be able to offer 310 miles of scope, even though Kia has not officially verified this.

Kia is unveiling a brand new EV6 Light Long Range variant, information from an ordering guide reveals. With a cost of $49,850 (not including delivery fees), this all-wheel-drive option is approximately $3,900 pricier than its rear-wheel drive sibling – aligning with what AWD generally adds to other variations of the EV6 trim line.

The appeal of having a broad array for an inexpensive cost will always be attractive to EV buyers, explaining why the fresh EV6 Light Long Range trim levels could be the ideal option for the collection. Another Financially influential fact is the new Light range e-AWD cut has become the cheapest dual motor EV6 type, costing two-thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars less than the $52,600 EV6 Wind e-AWD trim.

Finally, the Kia EV6 Light-Long Range outcompetes Tesla’s Model 3 Long Range model at a very competitive price tag of $45,990 – and that is giving Tesla a good ten minutes to make any further changes. When compared to Hyundai’s comparably equipped Ioniq 5 SE, the Kia will be climbing approximately an extra $250 to the base cost of around 45,700 dollars.

Source: Cars Direct

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